Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rain and a soul

The silver lining disappeared,

Winds with claws gnawed on

Rain drops pattered on intermittently,

rays of peeking sun hid behind a gray cloud,

abandoning the shine to an ominous dark.

Sky waited with bated breath,

looking for a moment to grasp the rainbow.

Below on the ochre land ,

a humming bird circled a violet flower,

peeping in for honey and dew.

The swaying branch of the coconut tree,

sprinkled the drops of pouring rain,

on to a clinging vine embracing her.

A wandering soul drifted around,

calming the lamenting heart with scent of wet earth.

Then, spotting a lone lantern ,

slowly, turned itself into a moth,

to enjoy the heat of its own peril,

in the dim, beckoning warm light of the lantern.


  1. Beautiful imagery, the last lines had me sympathising with the moth....didnt blame it one bit for wanting to get close to the warmth:-)

  2. one of the much loved views of my childhood brought about nicely here. i do feel for the moth..

  3. Hi lan, thanks..
    Hi Neha.. welcome here, and thanks. I dropped by your place and you are awesome...:)..glad to meet u

  4. beautiful Rekha. I was extremely tied with my kids, couldnt visit blogs.

    I'm happy and contented,..though its working day and night around house and in office, no sleep and tiring work.. but still deep inside I feel happy

    This is what i had waited all my life.. all work seems like breeze. How are your 2 girls doing. what class are they in now.

    Take care do stay in touch