Monday, July 23, 2012

Satyamev Jayate : An Incredibe Effort !!

Kudos to the incredible efforts put in by Aamir khan in opening the nation’s mind and eyes to various issues which are swept under the carpet or are treated with indifference. The title of his programme, ‘Satyamev Jayate’ itself is enough to bring goosebumps and patriotism to the forefront of one’s mind, one can not in any way negate or nullify the effort that he has put in bringing our attention to various burning isssues, right from female infanticide to alcoholism to challenges faced by the physically handicapped, the problems of senior citizens and the latest one on Water scarcity and issues are all absolutely sincere in its effort and it’s effect on the masses.

The beauty of this programme is that he is not only letting his audience face the depths and widths of a problem, a national issue, but he is also trying his best to give every problem a solution, and it is not as if he is providing the solutions, he is bringing to the forefront those people who had already been working on these issues, he is giving a platform to all of them to come to the limelight and adulation they so very much deserve and let be an example for so many others. Critics had gone on a rampage against his tears, his concept and trying to become a real hero attempt, but we have to accept and give him the credit he so truly deserves for this wonderful effort. I wish we could all emulate and bring to practicality what he is propagating and let our Country get rid of some of the most outrageous social issues and let her shine once again and be the ‘Sone ki chidiya’ she  was once upon a time, in terms of prosperity, culture and virtues and welfare of its Country men.

Satyamev Jayate


  1. I havent seen it...well I want to but I have no tv...err i mean i have tv but no channels. Long story;-/.
    I've hrd everybody taking abt the show positively. Actually for us bloggers the topics are nothing new because we are reading and contributing to the discussions all the time but for the rest it is an awakening. which is good:-).

  2. i had read about it and i do respect aamir for trying to actively do something with the name he earned.