Monday, September 10, 2012

'Just Married Please Excuse' contest winners luncheon Meet – 8-9-12

I entered the ‘mamagoto’ restaurant in Gurgaon as a part of around 20 bloggers 'lunch meet' arranged  for the winners who had won a lunch and a signed copy of ‘Just Married Pelase Excuse’, contest at Y's blog  . I was really, really excited for the day to unfold as I wanted to meet Y(Yashodhara), who also writes a wonderful blog and wanted to read her book at the earliest.

Since upon my arrival there were none other than Neha, of Harper Collins who was around, after exchanging a few pleasantries with her, I decided to look up the cute and elegant 'mamagato restaurant'  which had laid down a long beautiful table for all of us bloggers to have lunch and interact with Y.

Slowly the bloggers started coming in and it was really a fun meet with all the ladies and two gentlemen, Y’s husband (Vijay, also the hero of the novel) and Dipta who is also a writer. I was most excited to meet the author herself, and not exaggerating one bit, she is the most down to earth, simple and yet most affectionate, ‘without any airs’ individual that I have ever met, she chatted away happily with all of us who were present, our subject ranged from ‘JMPE’, to our blogs, to the topic which had made us won this lunch, to the novels we liked etc. etc. and Yashodhara was a part of all the chit chat going on, and as a caring hostess she could be seen sitting at various ends of the long table so that she can meet and interact with each one of us. And let me tell you guys.. she does not one bit look like a mother of three children, she doesn’t even look married for that matter. She was sweet enough to pose with us for photographs and she smilingly obliged to my request for marking the copy of my ‘JMPE’ to my 10 year old daughter.

The Chief Editor of Harper Collins, Karthika, was also quite an enthusiastic person who mixed well with everyone on the table and all of us got an opportunity to introduce ourselves to everyone, however, as the occasion was quite informal and interesting with all the ladies enjoying to the hilt, the introduction had many breaks in between, before one of us again started off with it so that everyone gets introduced to everyone and Y.

The people, the food, the ambience were so good that time just flied and before I knew , it was time for me to leave , but not before meeting Y and her husband Vijay and thanking them for the wonderful lunch and the copy of the 'JMPE'.

Hey, it would be truly unfair if I conclude this post without a few words about the wonderful food and ambience of ‘Mamagoto’ gurgaon, which has just recently opened, the dishes were very tasty and authentic, I especially liked the prawn dishes , everyone at the table enjoyed their food. The staff of mamagoto were very polite and courteous and so was the owner who dropped in towards the end of our lunch. This is a must visit for all of you who love your Chinese and oriental dishes…

Saturday was a truly wonderful and event ful day with good food and good read.. two things I like most….

Enjoy the Photographs !!!

The sparkling Mamagoto -gurgaon

the charming Y- Yashodhara - the author herself

Y, Vijay and Karthika, Chief Editor - Harper Collins with the group

Good food and Company !!!


  1. Awesome R. Am glad u had such a good time :)
    I have ordered the book online too and can't wait for it to be delivered :)

  2. and swar... what's with the protected post ??

  3. Nice and detailed post! It was nice to meet you at the JMPE Lunch!

  4. Hey Rekha... thanks for sharing. The account is so true. Do stay in touch and i didn't know your daughter was 10 years old!!

  5. What a lovely post! Don't know how I missed it initially :)...just linking up! Thankssss....

  6. thank Sia and Shagun, it was wonderful to meet you guys too!!

    y, Thanks to you too for a wonderful afternoon......