Monday, September 10, 2012

My first book review : ‘Just Married , Please Excuse’- By Yashohara Lal

I have read many books and many book reviews but I was never tempted to write a review, but this book has been so much fun that I need to bring this on to all the people who care to read my blog….

I finished reading ‘JMPE’, within a day , in fact half a day, I read it during my journey back to my house from Gurgaon after lunch with the bloggers and Y, that is , since the moment I laid my hands on it I fell in love with it.

I have only one word for this novel and that is ‘Hilarious’, Y has managed to remain so even in the most somber part of the story where the couple has to seek the intervention of a marriage counselor due to some misunderstandings between them .

I particularly liked the ‘ Vijay Reema and Yashodhara Reema’ episode.  I couldn’t control my laughter where in Y states that she would remind herself to learn the art of ‘one eyebrow raising’ by practicing it in front of the mirror when she is alone, which the marriage counselor whom she describes as ‘a woman like a ball’ often does, mind you, this is in midst of hot question whether to continue with this marriage or not going on in her head .

There were many other instances, were I laughed out so loud during the read, that my 10 year old daughter wanted to read the book along with me and the younger one looked at me wondrously.

The story has a quality of being natural and totally honest, in fact I felt like I was sitting somewhere in her drawing room, or the bed room or kitchen when these events were taking place and I was a silent spectator to it. There is no literary pretensions at all, only pure, unadulterated fun and humour and that too with which any of us can easily relate to.

To conclude with, Yashodhara Lal’s ‘Just Married, Please Excuse’ is totally recommended as a laughter laden read. Yashodhara invariably manages to tickle your funny bone even in the most serious scene.

Having read her blog , I really am looking forward to a second part of ‘JMPE’ wherein we would be witnessing the arrival of her twin boys, pickle and papad….till then happy reading…


  1. Awesome! Now my wait becomes even more difficult. Hope I receive the book soon :)

  2. thanks Swar .. Happy, loud laughter reading ;)

  3. congratulations on the win ss! your review tells me that i will like this book. maybe when i visit india this time..

  4. thanks lan , yes it is a must and hilarious read....

    Livingingurgaon (Manika), by any chance if you are reading this please know that I tried replying to you on your blog but could not post my comment , please leave your email id in my comment section so that we can get in touch regarding the subject we spoke about at the Bloggers luncheon meet......