Sunday, October 21, 2012

invisible cord

The fine lines and wrinkles

Dwindling eyesight and silver hair

Faltering steps , hazy mind

Holding on to the words so kind

Warmth of your sturdy hands

Steadying grip

Am I the result of my preceding years

The scoldings and stand outs

The arguments and silences

The tears ,then the hugs

The realization, the distance

The calls, the letters

You are so lucky you can walk back

Put your hands around and hug

But what about the wheel

That only moves and provides

No hugs , no warmth , no affection

Only a thread of duty,

The remains of a severed cord

Invisible, still throbbing with life

Waiting, tear stained cheeks

In anticipation of the loving lap

The fragrance of love ….never to be

For time has travelled away

No comebacks here…

only the invisible cord.

tied on one end ...

still alive ..throbbing..invisible............


  1. Very beautiful and heart warming... first the love and then the pain comes out wonderfully well. Loved it :)