Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Entwined souls

Washed away on the sea shore

I found your soul  in a seashell

I took it up delicately, placed it inside my palm,

Looked at it tenderly, you felt so warm,

I put you back in the seashell,

beside you I sat,

waiting for you, to come alive off the shell,

I closed my eyes , only inhaling the fragrance

of beautiful waves, in unending trance,

Then one beautiful moment I felt you,

You leaned on to me, your head on my shoulder

Your arms around me,

I felt blessed , your hands  and mine,
Your embrace, your presence, your soul and mine,

Now entwined, along a seashore,

For ever, forever, for ever


  1. your embrace, your hands, your soul and mine.......Oh what a beautiful feeling!!!!!!!!!!Hats off to the heart that poured these emotions to the blessed fingers which scribbled them.God Bless u Reks

  2. Dear Teacher, Thanks a lot for the wonderful words, you know your words means the world to me. Love you lots and thanks once again. Have a wonderful year ahead!!