Friday, April 19, 2013

Again and again and again

Here, it was only a few months ago that I wrote a post pouring out my anguish and agony over the brutal rape of Nirbhaya. 

Now here I am,  again, but this time I have no words to express what I feel, all I feel is a very painful numbness and every time I look at my five year old daughter I can not just control my  tears.  What kind of human being can inflict so much pain on a baby , on such a frail child, a five year old girl child hardly weighing 20 kgs, how could he have brought himself to insert foriegn objects into her body, I just can not bring myself to write any more about the brutalities.  Doctors says her body has been mutilated to such an extent that they have not seen such a case in their career. The rapist has been compared to an animal but I have never come across such behaviour in animals, they would be ashamed to be compared to him.

I feel a heart wrenching pain just thinking about the pain that child must be suffering, her childhood has been scarred forever. I can not stop comparing the child with my daughter , exactly five years like her, she is right now playing with her doll, talking to her, and coming to me now and then with a request to comb her dolls hair, put a pin on its dress,  would 'gudiya' ever be able to play like this again.  The sweet smile , the small little body , the games the baby talk everything wells up my eyes again and again... I just can't stop thinking about this child and the amount of agony she and her parents, especially her mother might be going through now.

There is nothing more to say, in 4 months Nirbhayas rapists, one of them allegedly hanged himself, two are paving path of escape by means of an exam they are preparing to appear, another one , the juvenile ,  the one who brutalised her the most would walk free in a matter of months with some petty punishment, what about her soul?? what about her parents ?? the vacant look in her mother's eyes is haunting. 

Ther is nothing called 'Damdar dilli' or 'Dildar Dilli', Dilli has lost it, to such goons and men who roam the streets and gullies of Dilli looking for small girls and young women, they do not even spare old women , all they need is a body , a female body to scar, to brutalise , to satisfy their lust and then throw away in some garbage dump, and  the  Dilli police,  whom all of are scared to approach, who does not think twice before slapping young girls protesting a five year old's rape and the lawyers who are ready to fight the case for such brutal beasts are not of any help. 

My only wish is to run away from here as fast as possible, as early as possible huddling my two daughters, never letting them go away from my eyes and my embrace. I wish safety and innoncent childhood for every child and a safe and secure society for every young and old woman alike, will it ever , ever come true????

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