Monday, April 22, 2013


There is no pain which can be compared to a mother's pain when she sees her child suffering. 
There can be no pain worse than the pain when you are brutally violated, raped and scarred for life.
There can be no suffering which can be more than the childhood whose innocence has been cruelly snatched away.
There can be no helplessness which can be compared to the helplessness where you can see your child's rapist and can do nothing about it , only wait for the system to do justice, a system which is rotten and stinking and has no hope of getting cleansed...
What a Country, what pathetic systems???
Selfish and dangerously ambitious people sitting on important chairs...
Where is the Democracy??
What happened to the the fundamental rights ????

What are we coming to?????


  1. We have so many questions, Rekha, so many! But noone cares to answer them!

  2. i learned about nirbhaya en route to india. i had to hear it a few times to believe it. it seemed to have a hit a chord but only for so long. while it brought out the conscience of the population it also seems to be making more bad guys pop up? i do hope the society as a whole and central and local administrations can come together to make these incidents disappear all together for real and not by just being silent. there is a right place not to be silent! you are doing your two cents by adding a post. bless you!