Monday, May 13, 2013

Thank You

The small little feet that kicked inside me

Gave me the first glimpse of motherhood

The frail, little angel , cocooned on my lap

Gave me the first flicker of a mother’s worry

The love and affection , the scoldings and arguments

The worry and protection and your endless strength

Made sense to me , I started fitting in your shoes

the moment my little angel was born

As a mother I started to understand my mother

Who lived a turbulent life

Had the spine of steel

Is an epitome of strength

Who never wilted under the hardest of storm

Who always protected us through the harshest parts of life

I would like to say thank you for this wonder ful life

I would like to say sorry for every tear you shed because of me

I would like to say you are the best mother

You are the strongest

You are the reason I can be a working mom

And still be at peace about my children

Safe and sound and loved in your lap

Thank you mother for everything

And sorry for all the hurt

All the harsh words, all the arguments

All the screaming, all the tears

Thank you Mother for this wonderful life

Thank you for being there through thick and thin

Monday, May 6, 2013

The best Prompt !!

Sometimes it needs a little prompting to get the best out of you, and I am definitely one of those, I need a good prompt to do my bit of writing, especially the best one that is.

The story goes like this, it was ‘Mothers day Meet’ at my younger daughter’s school, she is in UKG and her school organizes this day with a lot of activities and fanfare every year, so I went to the school all excited , as my little one was there in the dance programme dancing to the tune of ‘Naani teri morni ko mor le gaye’, so I got her Naani that is my mother also to come with me and enjoy her dance, and since I had been attending this function every year I near about knew the all the activities that would follow. So there I was sitting pretty and enjoying the sight of toddlers and teachers and enjoying the company of so many other mothers who had gathered there. Suddenly there was a twist to the story as the Prinicpal announced that they had arranged a small activity for the Mothers too, they had arranged for a question answer activity for the Mothers, this question paper had 11 questions and we Mothers had to attempt it to the best of our ability and the Mother who shall give the best answers shall be getting a ‘prize’. Vow.. now.. that was surely a surprise and all the Mothers started their writing spree at the word ‘go’.

I really liked the question paper, it had such emotional, such prompting  questions, such as ‘What are the values you have imbibed from your Mother?’, ‘What is the one thing about which you and your Mother argued the most in your teenage years ?’ and the classic one ‘What is the difference between a Mother and a Mother in law according to you?’, so as I have said above, I am someone who performs best when prompted in the best way. After around 20 minutes (time given was 30 minutes) I was the first one to submit the paper to the Principal Ma’m and when all the papers were collected and she started checking it, I could see the smile on her lips.

Once the little children had enthralled us with their excellent performances and had made us, all the Mothers,  all teary eyed, it was time for the result to be declared, and Voila! the name that was announced was of none other than, ‘yours truly’, and the Principal was so impressed with the answers and one in particular that she read it out for all, and can you guess which was the question which fetched me the first prize?? Yes, it was the classic one ‘What is the difference between a Mother and a Mother in law according to you ’??? ..

You want to know the answer that I gave??,Well, it is going to be another post altogether !!!!!