Sunday, June 23, 2013

The balancing act

It gets pretty tough sometimes, the balancing act I mean,
surging through the daily grind, life loses its sheen
by default I am the one to find the rainbow
just forgetting the constant aches that perches on the brow
ignoring the pains gnawing at the joints
getting the nerves all knotted up, worrying up on so many points

How I wish I could bring myself to hug you tight
and not shout when both of you indulge in harmless fight
when you come running to me in the evenings with happiness
I am fighting a war with my tired body and am so full of snappiness
When you excitedly show me the stars in your book
my mind is already occupied  as to what shall I cook

Everyday I tell myself, on weekend I am going to just cuddle,
love and pamper both of you
But the constant irritants pulls me back and I see the sadness in you
the apprehensions, how is mamma today??
my heart cries  and my pillows are wet at night ,
I am drowning in a teary , guilt ridden puddle

It gets pretty tough sometimes, the balancing act I mean,
My children , my lifeline, please forgive me
My better half, my support, please forgive me
somedays all I want is to hug you and be with you
to smile and be playful and to get back the sheen
to paint my life with all the colours of rain bow
to hear the tinkle of laughters
of you my beautiful daughters
and to lean on you my love

I promise I will get over this
like so many out there I will also overcome this
my spine is of steel, I shall not wither
it's in me to stand upright, forget the pains and aches
and smile and laugh and cook and hug
and be proud of the stars in your book
and to see the love in your eyes
just give me a moment, let me gather my wits ,
let me wipe away the tears, just this last time
just this once,
I promise I will get over this


  1. The balancing act is tough - i completely agree. and just like many women across the world, you would do it pretty well. and yes in a few years time you are going to be proud of yourself.

    1. hey vincy, thanks so much,sometimes it helps so much to just let it out of the system isn't it, thanks to friends like you for all the understanding and encouragement

  2. Replies
    1. hey swar, thanks a ton, you are the one who is always there without fail, hugs to you too!!

  3. you have xpressed this common feeling really well here. loved the poem. and the sheen is not lost. it is there in the balancing act, you know..

    1. thanks lan, you are right, the sheen is not lost :)

  4. Rekha,.. how are you.. long time since I came here.. after I had my kids,.my life was literally upside down..but happy deep down.. No time for anything..

    Thats a nice post.. so true. do stay in touch. r u in fb.

  5. Hey good to see you after so loong. I can understand , I am so happy to know that you are happy and busy now, that is the magic of kids, enjoy. Thanks for the appreciation.