Friday, July 26, 2013

The 100th post - Yes, it is !!!!!

 I never thought I would be reaching this far. Many of my fellow bloggers, wonderful writers and superb human beings have reached here way, way ahead of me and I am so proud of them. For me, many posts are lying in my drafts wherein I had decided to call it a day, yes, I had decided many times to quit blogging. I was very unsure of my existence in the blogger world, I saw many bloggers posting just one post and getting comments after comments, and me, at the max just one comment or two or may be four because these are the number of very good, encouraging and supportive friends I have in the blogs world. But let me tell you, I never got jealous of them, I was and am always in awe of them, their untiring spirit, their beautiful writing, selfless and happy human beings, yes Swar, Ian, Vincy, Deeps you wonderful people , it is most appropriate for me to dedicate this 100th post to you guys without whose encouraging words I would have left this place very long ago, Thank you and BIG HUGS, you don’t know you are such gems!! And my special thanks to Nancy for my first ever blog award, and hers is one blog which no one should ever miss!

I have stumbled upon many treasure troves in the blog world, for one are the absolutely lovely food blogs, bloggers who are blogging with such dedication and beauty , I love their blogs and am a big fan of them, to name a few are Banaras ka khana, kichukhon, kitchenmishmash, fatchicgoesslim, riascollection, maayeka and so many more, I can fill a page with such names, and I have always, always tried my best to leave my comments on their wonderful recipes and anecdotes. There are so many other blogs who are just out of the world, I think I will have to do a separate post dedicated on this….

I know it’s no big deal for many, the 100th post that is, but for me it is, because this space was and is still a space where I bare my soul and mostly pour out my anguish, this space has witnessed my ramblings, personal, professional, social and what not! I am grateful to today’s technology to have provided people like me, who are bloggers (and I am sure there is a writer somewhere in every blogger) a space to sprout wings. Some writers get offended on being called a blogger turned writer but I think it is a matter of pride that we have had got our fair share of practice and experience of being an amateur (!) writer in the blog world, at least we are able to satisfy our urge and fascination to pen down our thoughts and in turn we have got amazing friendships over the years.

Sorry for sounding like a Big thank you speech, but this is special for me. I would also like to thank all those who have visited my blog but never left a comment, I understand, and I appreciate your visits, but one of these days please say something so that I am encouraged to write more and better, the dashboard shows that you came but what you felt, it would be wonderful to know too!!

Last but not the least, my followers, your presence means so much to me, thank you for reading me and for being there, it is so encouraging..… I am wonderfully happy about this 100th post and am looking forward to many more… ‘Comments or ‘No Comments’ ;)

Friday, July 5, 2013

After effect !

There are many instances in life wherein I have really longed to go back to the past. I am longing for the time when I was 4 years old may be 5 not more than that , that is the time where I would like to go back to . I do not want to live in the past  for days together; there are some particular days and tastes which are etched in my memory forever. I remember relishing the crunchy , fruity rose apple with its distinct flavor, which I remember even now as if I am eating one right now, so is the nutty flavor of the wild jack, it’s fruit , so different and so tasty and it’s nuts which acquires a totally different taste when you eat them roasted.

The green paddy fields stretching out far towards the railway line, wherein at night the train zoomed past with lights and noise, it used to be the only sighting of light at night which we had apart from the light from the lanterns that we used at our home, then there was the twinkling light of the glow worms which looked like happy stars on the earth at night.

Yeah ! I know for sure that this is the effect of ‘The time travelers wife’ which I just finished reading. How I wish I could woosh in and out of my past, the beautiful , dewy , innocent childhood and just take sneak peeks at the future, sigh !!

P.S: The book has left me with a heavy heart and for some time I am going to be stuck with Clare in her waiting and longing….