Friday, August 16, 2013

A bit more !

You are the sand slipping away

Not  stopping , not clinging on ,

Not even on sweaty, shaky palms

The multitude of blessings

You bestowed while walking away

You are never melted by the gratitude

You just do  what you have to

Sometimes showering sweetness

Sometimes the salty tears

You are never shaken by any sight

Fresh  mornings, drowsy afternoons

And the flashy fast night

You are the same

you do not pause, only we do,

for savouring your gifts

or lamenting your harshness

But please, please slow down

For I need to do a bit more

Hug my babies some more

Say sweet nothings to my better half

Cuddle a bit more

Forgive those who hurt me,

And, seek forgiveness from those whom I hurt

heal the wounds  even if I never gave it

Smell the flowers, enjoy the rains

Cook some snacks, enjoy my work

Read a bit more, write a bit more

Please , please slow down

I need to live a bit more

I need to live a bit more….

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