Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tagged !!

Yeah... I know its been too long since I came here.. so here I am back with a Tag... thank you Seema (Horizon) for the Liebster and tag, and thank you Vincy (scrambles) for inspiring me too to write  by taking up the Tag first... 

Here is the Tag:

1) What is your favorite word or phrase?
'Take care', and I really mean it for all my friends and family

     2) What holiday makes you sad?
Holiday.. they are always 'WELCOME'... no sadness..

     3)What is the most cheekiest thing you have done till date?
Can't say , it is too cheeky to write here ;)

     4)What is the last meal that you made for yourself?
Well, I cook daily and today I cooked 'alu palak' and paranthas for breakfast 

     5)What was your best birthday ? Why?
Last to last birthday of mine a long lost friend of mine sent me a cake and bouquet with a small note,( we had studied together since vth std. ,  were in touch off and on), it was such a pleasant surprise for me , I was really touched 

     6)What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would thank all my stars, quit my job and enjoy my life and write a book, and would take pleasure in little things like  waiting  in the afternoons when my kids return from school... the thought itself gives me so much of pleasure...

     7) If you had a warning label, what would urs say?
  'Do not mess - explosive material'

8) Have you ever got sweet revenge on someone?
 No only planned... ha.. ha...

    9)Who was your first best friend?
I have lost touch with her....

    10)What is the most scariest thing you have ever done?

I have taken lifts from strangers when I was in college  (later stopped).. in Delhi... now it did not feel scary at that time as every one did  it, now when I look back it seems to be the scariest....


  1. that 10th point gives me the creeps too when I thk abt it. I too have taken and given so many lifts to strangers....sheesh:-(. Now I just pray my kids dont do anything of the sort.

    Nice tag's wishing u win tht lottery soon:-))

  2. thanks Nance, double thanks for the lottery part ;)

    Yes I also wish my children do not do any such thing , especially in a place like Delhi, in our college days , hitch hiking was quite in vogue.. and I so regret it now...

  3. Rekha, Good you posted, its been a while to have seen a post from you. Longing to read a poem of yours. :-)

    I have to get the cheeky stuff out of you one of the days... hmmm.

    And yeah, you take care and Love you!

  4. thanks vincy, I will definitely post sooon... :)

    You take care too !!

  5. I don't think #7 is true SS. You are too gentle for that:-) and yes #10 is scary in i am curious about #3:-)

  6. Ha.. haa. Ian.. thanks.. yes it really seems scary now... about #7, no I can be like that when I chose to be.. ;) about #3 will definitely share ... :)