Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday my love!

How time flies ? It seems like yesterday that I brought you into this world, you were so little , so frail and thin, so red, crying at the top of your voice, the wintry cold weather of Delhi did not help you much, in spite of the AC you seemed to be craving for the warmth of your mother, that is me, the new new Mother , who was at a loss of words seeing this small little baby so dependent on me for everything.

Now you are a lanky young girl, with long hair , an innocent smile and amazing sense of humour. I might not show it often but I end up in splits sometimes just ruminating over our conversations. You are so undemanding for the children of your age, you are so good in studies, (this also I might not agree and keep coaxing you to do better) but let me tell you that I am proud of your performance every year in academics and I am so relieved that you have not gone on me when it comes to Mathematics !!

Also I love the way you express your love for your sister, you pamper her silly, you hug her and kiss her and also both of you fight like crazy over the silliest thing in the world, but when I intervene or yell at one I love the way both of you protect each other and stand for each other. I wish and pray to God that you would be the elder sister that every younger one wishes for and prays for and loves unconditionally. I feel so good that at least till now I know that you will never let your sister down and will always be there for her and so shall she be, just do not let the bond be broken, I know how badly it hurts when this bond is broken.

Today I have only prayers, love and lots of blessings for you, this is the last year of your childhood, officially you are on the verge of teens , I know and I can see the signs of confusion and sometimes the tumultuous way you tend to take , I know I have to gear up for all this and more as you grow up but I know that the person you are, you will never stop loving me , your Father and your little sister and that you will always respect the values instilled in you and will never let any of us down. Wishing you a very Happy birthday and many many love filled, prosperous, peaceful and content birthdays to you.

I love you so much that words fail me.. but my love and life will never fail you.. I will always be there till my last breath to make your life better…. Till then Love, love and lots of blessings to you on your special day… Happy birthday Love...


  1. Awwww happy happy birthday to the lovely big sister :) And amen to all the blessings!

  2. ah.. the entry into teenhood. my boy turned 13 last year and i am waiting calmly for this momentous phase to glide by with only the smallest of glitches.. so far so good. happy birthday to your older one rekha.

  3. thanks for the wishes lan, yeah teenage.. the dreaded word for parents, I remember how I used to give a tough time to my mother, now waiting for my turn :)