Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Bucket List

Blogathon 2014

My Bucket list

1.     To Exercise regularly, run, jog, yoga ..

2.   To  update my blog regularly

3.    To learn driving – once again- I have a driving phobia L

4.    To be a better mother

5.    To be a better person

         6.    Keep up my sincerity and honesty to my profession till the day I hang up my boots

7.    To learn to relax i..e to let go of my worries

8.    To  write a book

9.    To read a looooooottttttttt

10.To travel a lot !

11. To have a happy, relaxed retired life

And many more to go , but these are the top ones


  1. i just wrote to a cousin abt how going to italy is on my bucket list! i'll be happy if i can just have number 11 please and 9 too....good list rekha. my wishes for you to fulfill all of it.

  2. Thanks lan, I am taking up no.3 soon.. will keep you posted ...