Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gratitude and a Happy New Year

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This year started off bleakly with not much promise and hope but then things started falling in place like in a jigsaw puzzle. This year lifted a heavy burden off my heart and filled it with happiness and delight, made me feel light and good, I am grateful to God for having given me a chance to mend what I broke and I am thankful to the one who was instrumental in getting things smoothened out.
Even after the long awaited cheer that spread into my life in the early 2015, there were things which often brought in negativity and lack of hope in me, but this year somehow my positive thinking helped me a lot and things turned around, it was a cheerful Diwali which awaited me, the lights started sparkling right from the first day of Navratri in October itself.
I am grateful to God for the blessings, each one of them, I am full of gratitude to the almighty and wish and pray for an even better 2016 for me and my family and every one in my life, and the entire nation, the entire world and all of you who are reading this. Be blessed in a way you have never been blessed before.
I pray for opportunities of more gratitude in the brand New year that awaits me just round the corner.
Goodbye 2015, let me tell you, you were a darling to me and my family… I will always remember you.. Hugs and thanks a lot.
Merry Christamas and a Happy New Year to EVERYONE….!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Who is most brutal ??

Delhi gangrape: Juvenile wasn't 'most brutal'; he was brutalised by this depiction, says board

It is early Monday morning at office, I have just read this on MSN News as I was about to go through my mails , I can not tell you how the title above makes my blood boil and I am not the mother of Nirbhaya, I am just an ordinary woman of Delhi, a working woman, who has taken Public Transport umpteen times, has gone through the harassments meted out in DTC’s , blue lines and Red lines who still might have to take the Public Transport once again with all the odds and evens against you. 

Is this the value of a woman who was brutalised by Iron rods by the rapists, who took out her innards with bare hands and then lay her and her friend bleeding and naked on a Delhi road, is this for what thousands of people took to street?? Seriously who are these people who makes laws and who can make such statements for a person who has along with 5 others raped and killed a young girl most brutally… so is he innocent just because he had not attained the ‘age’ while committing crime, also is he innocent just because there is no evidence that he was the most brutal, does that give him the liberty to walk free.  Is it not enough that inspite of his so called age, he was capable of violating a girl in the most brutal way , ok, if he was not the most brutal, does that in any way make him less worthy of a death sentence than the others who along with him committed the crime.

All of you who are reading this, women, men, girls and boys or whoever do any of you ever feel even an iota of sympathy for this beast, all of you who have mothers, sisters, wives and daughters at home can ever forgive him only because he was underage????

The Indian law and lawmakers need to wake up, empathise not evaluate what Nirbhaya went through, what her Mother is still going through.

I wish and pray no woman has to undergo a terrible fate and death like she had to, and I sincerely hope these Lawmakers stop making such statements which hurts us deeply and to the core, it is an insult to every woman and her vulnerability.

  If they are not capable of making sensible laws, at least they should be sensitive about the comments and statements they make in public or else just shut up and not make a mockery of the sufferings of someone for whom the entire Capital mourned.