Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Some days are dark and dowdy, some days are all spring and sun.  Of late, I feel there is something inside me, which is immensely eager to break free, break free into lines, paragraphs, pages, and chapters, metamorphosing into a wonderful, soul touching piece of literature. 

 Am I out of my mind, or is it the age catching up with me and showing me mirages. No idea.   I am quite cosy and smug about this at one point of time and some other time I am a bundle of nerves, not knowing what is it that is going on inside me?

Whatever it is, so long it inspires me to come back to my blog and write I am fine with it.
May be this ‘something’ inside me will never materialize, may be it will but I just hope this will, will me to write and write and write.. 

Till then dear friends and dear me… take care and stay blessed


  1. I am glad for that little something that gets you here every now and then.

    you should actually let that metamorphosis to take place. Allow the "something" to turn into something big, let it burst out of your seams into a bigger turmoil and come up with your best creation. you can and you will. Best wishes.

    1. thanks a ton for that encouraging comment Vincy..

  2. how did you know i am crazy about love apples? They look so luscious and yummy, and instantly turns my memories towards Kerala, where we get this aplenty. :-) :-) I am sure you love them too.

  3. ha ha another similarity... I love them so much the moment I look at the picture or just think about it I can actually feel the taste in my mouth... so glad you liked it...after all we have our roots in Kerala