Monday, June 8, 2009

Thanks from the depth of my heart

It was exactly around a year back that I had created this blog , to vent out my post maternity blues, I had just joined back office and was looking out for a way to give vent to my brimming emotions. However, I could not pursue it due to work, lack of time etc. etc.

Today I am going to actually start blogging with full passion and devotion, I am using these words becaus I had always wanted to write, to read and to write again and feel wonderful about writing and like a writer (I do not claim to be one) has always yearned for the opinion of others. But now I am not doing it out of these feelings , in blogs I have found a platform to give shape to my innermost feelings, to be honest and to be pure and be true to your self, I must mention Deepti 's blog which I read in one go and through her I could find the most memorable teacher of my life Mrs. Chandrika, Deepti I am indebted to you, coz its your blog which carried me over to hers and as usual she has done wonders to my sagging morale.

Today on the 8th day of June 2009 I would like to thank loud and clear and with all my sincerity and sensitivity my most beloved teacher for having once again inspired my by her sheer words. I remember, way back that is around 18 years back she was the one who used to encourage me to take up Journalism, she is the only one who saw some spark in me which everybody else either did not see or ignored. She has today again by way of reply to my comments on her blog has once again urged me to write and has told me that ' you will feel wonderful' and I am sure I will and I am already feeling so. Thank you teacher once again....from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for everything.. your advises, your listening, your rock solid principles and recognising me after all these years....


  1. rekha my dear! thanks a million for those words of pure love.u know wat? the greatest bank balance i have is not to be counted in terms of money. my sambadyam is wat i have earned from 1977 to this day , in terms of the number of students who have been part and parcel of my life, whom i have loved with all my heart and who i know have loved me sooooooo much. thank u dear for being a big chunk of that sambadyam. and remember to write all that u feel from the bottom of ur heart. you know wat rekha? wat we write from the heart would definetely be accepted by all. we would surely feel the satisfaction of having created. and as always i know you would be able to create beautiful pieces of literary feast for all of us. so....keep going dear

  2. You know what,Rekha I'm all choked up with emotions after reading this post of yours.
    Please dont hold back.Vent yourself out.This is your space.And let me tell you have this ability to move people with your words.So keep it going.All the very best.

    And you're most welcome.I'm glad to have been of help.Had tried coming to this page before but you had blocked it.After Ma told me you had reinstated it,I had to be back.Will look forward to reading you more often now.

    Hugs to you:))