Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This will keep me going for a life time

Hey, two invaluable comments on my blog ... and I am ready for a lifetime of writing my heart out. Thanks again for those sincere words,... if I would say that it is encouraging.. it would be an understatement.. it is much more than that.
Since it has been quite sometime that I have not done any writing bit, apart from the usual business correspondence which is oh ! so boring and where one has to be very cautious, I am so happy to have found this place again for expressing myself. I have a problem and that is I am too lazy with the punctuation marks, when I am in the flow of words I do not care to put them and once I finish writing and start reading what I wrote it gives a raw appearance, I think I need to do some brushing up of my grip on punctuation marks.
Long ago I used to write diary each day, I had more than 7 diaries with me at one point of time , but one emotional outburst had everything in flames. I regretted what I did for a long time, but one diary of mine was saved from this and when I read it now, it is as if I am looking at a childwoman who was so insecure , self doubting and full of self pity, this diary made me realise how much I have changed as a person over the years. But one thing is for sure my diary writing was a source of venting out my deepest feelings and fears and it used to be a great source of solace to me. Blogging is akin to diary writing for me because I would not be using flowery language and difficult English words but would be penning down my deepest feelings, but yes unlike my diary ramblings this post would be open to so many people , some would identify with me and my feelings bu for some it would just that ' ramblings'.....

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  1. Indeed Rekha, wHat comes from the heart would be so serene and pure that it wont need any flowery languages. Come on Rekha, write write and write ....am waiting and am sure all those would read would ask for more....