Friday, July 5, 2013

After effect !

There are many instances in life wherein I have really longed to go back to the past. I am longing for the time when I was 4 years old may be 5 not more than that , that is the time where I would like to go back to . I do not want to live in the past  for days together; there are some particular days and tastes which are etched in my memory forever. I remember relishing the crunchy , fruity rose apple with its distinct flavor, which I remember even now as if I am eating one right now, so is the nutty flavor of the wild jack, it’s fruit , so different and so tasty and it’s nuts which acquires a totally different taste when you eat them roasted.

The green paddy fields stretching out far towards the railway line, wherein at night the train zoomed past with lights and noise, it used to be the only sighting of light at night which we had apart from the light from the lanterns that we used at our home, then there was the twinkling light of the glow worms which looked like happy stars on the earth at night.

Yeah ! I know for sure that this is the effect of ‘The time travelers wife’ which I just finished reading. How I wish I could woosh in and out of my past, the beautiful , dewy , innocent childhood and just take sneak peeks at the future, sigh !!

P.S: The book has left me with a heavy heart and for some time I am going to be stuck with Clare in her waiting and longing….


  1. Rekha, this post is making me nostalgic too. some of the best days of my life were spent in the love and care of my grandparents in the tharavad and so many memories stashed away.

    the smells and tasts occasionally bring back these memories, leaving a longing sigh, in the knowledge that we will never get those days back.

    Did you know the rose apples are also called love apples? we call it chambakka back home. Is the wild jack our regular chakka?

  2. Hi Vincy, Yes I am sort of stuck to that timeline !! you too! I can totally understand the nostalgia is here to stay with us forever isn't it?
    Hey I didn't know champakka is also known as love apple, I would prefer this name as I just love it so much :)

    The wild jack is Anjili, have you eaten it ? the tree is usually very very tall and the fruits look like mini chakka but has a distinct flavour.