Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wrap up 2013

New Year 2014 Blessings Wallpaper
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 It has become a tradition of sorts with all of us bloggers to have that one last post of the year.  The post which would wrap up the whole year in just a few lines, a few paragraphs and then the whole anticipation for the New year about to come. 

Well, for me I think this year just flew by, really, I have not come across a year more lightning fast than 2013, the year started on a very low note for me , when my husband took ill in the first month of the year, it was such a downer, with worry and anxiety and lots of stress, but then by God’s grace things were back on track.

This year proved and sealed what I had been trying to deny ever since I started reading ‘Linda Goodmans’, I am sure all of us had read it once in our teen years/ college years and then always played the guessing game, 'you seem like a Capri', 'you must be a Leo' and all that.  Since the time I read it I always knew that I am not a typical virgo, I totally disagreed because I was not at all a cleanliness freak ‘ever’, I never worried about anything and I was never the ‘shy’ type, well…well it seems finally this year proved to me that I am a virgo after all, so what if I fall in the cusp, but I am a true ‘WORRIER’, I noticed that I always have something or the other up my sleeve to worry about , and I also learned that I might not be a cleanliness freak  but that line of dust on the verandah sill definitely gets me all worked up.

This year also made me realize once again that I am a nagging mother and wife, I know it , I hate it , but I can’t help it, the coming year would witness me turning another decade in my life – so would I be able to change ?, but I swear I try very hard not to nag my children to study or to wear their socks, or not to drink cold water straight from fridge but habit takes over and I end up doing it.. yes ..yes.. I always end up nagging… and I sound so irritating to my self… bah!

So you can see there are so many things I can have a resolution on this New Year, but I am not going to make any, because it all goes for a toss, it is like that ‘calory’ thing, you know it , you don’t want to have it but then ultimately what happens?? Yes . you know the answer… so No resolutions.. not even to have that tongue on leash, because believe me I have become too tongue tied now, I could not believe myself at certain point of time this year , when I actually did not speak or react at all and kept my mouth shut.. vow.. that was an achievement… I plan to carry that forward to next year, may be I would write a lot and talk less.

Ya.. I know all the above might sound like lot of ‘yapp yapp yap yakkity yak’ and contradictory , may be, but believe me it comes straight from my heart.. this year was a mixed bag, I learned to cry without tears, I learned to keep quiet when I had so much to talk, I learned to let go though it hurt me so much ..but it was a triumph with out any feeling of a triumph whatsoever….

On that confusing note… All my dear friends may God Almighty bless all of you with his choicest blessings in the coming year, wishing you all a Very, Very Happy, Safe, Prosperous and Peaceful New year.

Waiting to unwrap 2014 with great hopes and greater optimism… Take care and God bless !!


  1. I finished up my own end of the year post and I see you were ahead of me:-) This feels like a straight from the heart post Rekha. I am glad health issues got resolved and I know how it feels firsthand. I have a theory about 'nagging' The receivers actually will begin to miss it if you totally stopped it:-) Thank you for adding my blogs Rekha. Wish you a wonderful year ahead full of happiness, prosperity and immense possibilities

  2. Hey lan, thanks for that wonderful reassuring about nagging :) , I really hope so because I dont know how I am going to get rid of it.. Wishing you too a wonderful year ahead.
    take care