Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Wish

The little blue flower that hid beneath the green

Shied away from the butterflies umpteen

The dewdrop on the brink of the leaf

Tumbled on to the button rose with relief

The snail with antique round shell

Curled on to the side of the well

Like tear drops on a shiny cheek

Droplets clung on to the willowy teak

The sound of the distant stream

Melodious like a dream

Like this scene so Beautiful and charming

I wish the year shall be – Heart warming


  1. i am sure it will be heartwarming. how can it not be when it begins with such a melodious poem?

  2. Such a beautiful heartfelt wish, thank you :) And here's wishing the same for you. Keep writing, always, your works are dipped in serenity.