Friday, July 29, 2016

The Bengal connection (blogmarathon post no. 26)

In one of my previous post I mentioned that I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of a new novel written by one of my favourite authors.  The book has arrived and I am loving it, I have already reached almost the middle of the book and now let me tell you the name of the book, it is the novel ‘Before we visit the Goddess’ by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.  I just love the way she writes, I have loved most of her books, especially ‘The palace of illusions’, ‘The mistress of spices’, ‘sister of my heart’ etc.  Now another author whom I equally love to read is ‘Jhumpa Lahiri’ , I have read all three books she has written till date.

 Now why I mention both the authors in the same breath is there is one thing common about them and that is the ‘Bengal factor’ and that is exactly what draws me to their stories.  There is a strange Bengal connection that I feel, I love reading stories of Bengal, Bengali back drop, kolkatta, Bengal villages, Bengali food, especially the way it is usually described in the Chitra Banerjee books and many Bengali stories I have read.

I had Bengali neighbours when I was in 5th standard or so and when once in a while they used to call me over for a lunch organized as a feast after some Pooja at their home I would be literally jumping around in excitement.  I just loved the sight of Bengali food, the brinjal round and fried, fish with lots of mustard.. yum.. and the eyes of Bengali beauties another speciality of Bengal…

I do not know what is it that make me love Bengali novels and even serials or movies and food so much,  may be because there is a lot of similarity between Kerala and Bengal.  May be because though I am born and brought up in Delhi there is a part of me which I have left behind in Kerala, may be.. I really do not know.. but the fact remains that I have some strange connection with Bengal and everything Bengali !!!

By the way, I would let you know what is my opinion about this latest book of  Chitra Banerjee… as of now I am just having a great time reading it.. being transported back to Kolkata and then to a small village in Bengal to America and I am loving it …

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cooking and looking...(blogmarathon post no. 25)

Let me confess that as much I love reading, I love cooking too… there I said it .. I hope none of my family members read this because for sure they are going to ask me one poignant (!!) question and that is “ Really!! we are yet to see the evidence”!! well well guys before you make any wrong assumption about me, let me clear the air that of course I cook but I do not cook as if I love cooking .. ok.. I mean I cook for the necessity like the daily meals, I do not end up cooking savouries or special items etc. etc. 

I hope you understand what I am trying to say.. I love looking at you tube videos of cooking, Instagram is another favourite place of mine to go through the cooking videos.  Also let me tell you once in a while I do cook something special like a chicken curry or a Malabar mutton curry or kozhukatta etc. etc. but I do more of looking at cooking than actually doing it myself.

In television also my favourite channels are the cookery channels, as it is I watch very less TV, and when I get a chance it has to be either a cookery channel or Trave XP. Some of the shows like’ Turban Tudka’, ‘Chef on wheels’ etc are my favourite programmes, also ‘3 course meal with chef Pankaj’ is also good, though sometimes she ends up cooking weird stuff like chicken with chocolate !!

So coming back to my culinary skills, I can cook well and when I am in the mood I can cook really really well but the whole problem is that mostly I am hard pressed for time and when I have time I am hard pressed for the right mood ;) 

But to be honest I am really proud of the fact that every day I cook for my family and make sure that my children carries good food in their lunch.  Though most of our life is spent in the midst of Delhi traffic jams.. I still try not to send  only bread and jam in their tiffin!! 

So what about  you?  It's cooking,  looking or both  ;)  ??

Reverie (blogmarathon post no. 24)


I kneeled and prayed
My fingers intertwined just like my thought process
And head bowed in reverie
I prayed to the lady in white

The carpeted floor hurt my knee
The candle that I lit on the altar
Stood melting in its own heat
I looked deep into the serene eyes

I walked on my knee from the door
Till the altar, forgetting my pain
And oblivious to the loud prayers around
I was engrossed in the kindness of those eyes

Whether a miracle happened or not
I saw the halo or not
My heart got engrossed
And I reveled in the glory

Of the lord  almighty

No idea what I am writing kind of post !!! ( blogmarathon post no. 23)

Yesterday I placed the  the order on Flipkart for buying a new best seller which is written by one of my favourite authors.  I am so excited , I like this waiting time when I look forward to getting my hands on the new book and then when it finally arrives and I turn the pages and actually gets engrossed from the word go is the final culmination of my excitement.  

Now a days I have started ordering online for some cosmetics also and when it arrives all packed and sealed for me to uncover, it also gives me immense sense of excitement, earlier on .. the same excitement used to be there when I would buy a new cloth or a new dress was gifted to me.. but that seems to be not the case any more.

Before going on a much awaited holiday and the journey that we undertake to reach the destination also makes me quite thrilled… all in all I have found about myself that I am some one who enjoys the journey more rather than the destination itself.. literally.  I think most of us are like this, more than the moment itself it’s the anticipation that precedes the moment which contains all the beauty.

Also it takes a lot of effort in life to keep the excitement going and to find excitement and thrill in small things in life so that it eventually gives us the courage to face some really  huge challenges in life…..

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

memories of rain...... (Blogmarathon post no. 22)

Green water along green moss,

dipped into a rippling rivulet.....

lashing rain , darkened trees,

adorned dewy  drops on wet grass

peeping mushrooms shaded a yellow flower,

croaking frog jolted the drenched crow,

chiming bell of a lonely cow.....

brought music to falling shower....

darkened day and falling  rain,

some memories..unforgotten,,,,

smiles of yore...  draped in layers of muslin

stirs up a sweet , lingering pain…….

Monday, July 25, 2016

Snip .. snip... (blogmarathon post no. 21)

It’s been a while that my elder daughter has been after me and my husband to give her the permission to chop off her waist length hair.  She started growing her hair when she was around 9 or so, now she is 14. Like every teenager and as per fashion trend she had started this demand almost  2 years back itself, may be the fact that she had become a teenager had everything to do with it, other wise she was quite happy with the hair.  

  Now this Sunday, we finally surrendered to her wish as she was not taking care of her hair at all and was almost indifferent to its existence as such ! so we thought that its better to give into her desire rather than try to control her.  So off I went with her to the beauty salon and the girl there chopped it off snip..snip … snip and I almost felt as if one of my body part was being chopped off, at the same time my daughter was over the moon, I could not see even a flicker of sadness on her face or an attachment to the hair which she had initially grown with so much care and proud. 

Well.. both her grandmothers, my aunts were all upset at the sight of short hair on her (thanks to whatsapp for enabling to send such news to the entire family tree in a click). But my cousins were all rejoicing as they thought that such long hair aged her and it was not in fashion any more to have long hair.

Well I remember I had the same desperation till the time I got married because my parents were very clear that I can do whatever I want with my long hair ( I also had long hair) after marriage, and after a year of marriage I had gone off to parlour in a huff, after a tiff with the husband to be precise (!!!)  and chopped off my long tresses (though later I was aghast at what I did).  Well after that my hair has actually not grown beyond the shoulder level and it has sort of taken revenge on me by protesting and deciding not to grow no matter what ever I did to pamper it  and grow it long like before !!

So I could to a certain extend understand why my daughter was so happy at cutting her hair short but at the same time being a mother I was proud of her hair and how people admired her long hair.. the long chopped tresses in the hair dressers hand actually gave me a sense of loss.... 

I was just thinking to myself that for all of us,  though we are all supposed to be quite modern and living in a cosmopolitan city and all,  we still somewhere cling on to our roots and tradition and when one of our loved one does something which is not as per our tradition it still pinches us.  But then what this modern and cosmopolitan set up has done to us is that -  we  are quicker to adjust and forget all about it and ultimately learn to bear with it, all with  a pinch of salt, isn't it??

Friday, July 22, 2016

Past or Future ? (Blogmarathon post no. 20)

‘The Time Travellers wife’ is a very interesting novel by Audrey Nifenegger. No I am not going to review it here , I am mentioning it  because ‘Time travelling’ is a term and concept which has fascinated me for long. It gives so much fodder for imagination and so much of open field for ones imagination to run riot.  After reading this novel, I had actually googled and read many real life stories (allegedly) experienced by people all over the world about Time travel.  I also came across a photo uploaded by a person who met his older self and took a photograph with him !!!

Many times in life I had wanted to time travel and go back to my childhood, that is one of the most calm and serene part of my life which I cherish till date and will always do.  With each passing day I realise how valuable and absolutely innocent were those days and how much at peace I was with my self, it was such a blessed life amidst lot of love from my grandparents and Aunts and also the bounty of Nature around me was unsurpassed.

Most of the time I had wanted to time travel to the past, somehow the thought never came to my mind to time travel to the future and see where am I 10 years down the line, if I am there at all on this earth or I have left this place already.  Well.. this thought came to me while I am writing this post… suddenly I am interested to know what will happen in the future. There are so many questions which will be answered , some immediate problems which seems to loom large, how they are going to be solved will be definitely a big revelation!!

In spite of my curiosity regarding future, to be honest,  if given a choice to time travel either into the future or back to the past, I will any day chose my past, I would love to travel back and experience all over  again those blissful days which I spent in the lap of love and nature…

What about you??  if given a choice where do you want to time travel to  ..the  past or future???

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The secret.... (blogmarathon post no. 19)

What is the secret??

Have your read Rhond byrne’s secret?  I too have read it and it seems to have its effect on me in bits and pieces. Me and my friend has experimented with it and we have seen success with it, also realized that  sometimes, somehow it fizzles out in certain situations and then we feel that whatever happened has happened because it was destined to be and the reaffirmations and imaginations are not the cause of it. 

Well... again these thoughts are the result of the conflict which goes on in our mind, conflict of agreeing to the concept of positive thinking and that it really helps and the rational mind saying that it has nothing to do with positive thinking  and these are all outcomes of our actions only.

End of the day I am a believer of positive thinking but like any believer I am sometimes bogged down by doubts but I recover quite fast because somewhere deep down I know that I have no option but to recover fast and be a believer again as it gives a lot of strength to a fatigued mind  to face a new day with renewed vigour and vitality.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

on the edge..... (Blogmarathon post no. 18- poem)

Clinging on to each word that came forth
Lingering on the edge of the sentences....

Waiting for warm feelings to tumble down
Clamoring for the attention flowing elsewhere

Lamenting the lost moments of past
Lightening up at the familiar fragrance

Dreaming of blooming blue lotus
Savoring cold winds and warm coats

Melting amidst darkened silhouettes
Falling stars and glowing moon

Driving along windy roads
Laughing aloud at silly jokes

Clinging on to each word that come forth

Lingering on the edge of sentences .....

Monday, July 18, 2016

The sari pact.... (blogmarathon post no. 17)

Not long ago there was a beautiful pact going on in Face Book called the’100 sari pact’ , I call it beautiful because I love Saris and love seeing beautiful, elegant women adorned in beautiful, elegant saris. The problem is my love for sari is very similar to my love for make up, well let me explain, I buy it, I treasure it and I love seeing people wearing it and I really like gifting beautiful saris to my near and dear ones but I seldom wear it.  I have so many saris piled up in my suitcases and almirah which I have not worn in years, I think the last I wore a sari was in September last year for my cousins wedding, well.. its going to be almost a year…

I wore a sari for the first time in my life for my class X11 farewell, before that like any other girl I had tried on my mother’s sari many times at home but had never worn any in public, this was a classic 'pattu sari' in maroon and bottle green combination, I was showered with compliments on that day, this sari is still present in my treasure trove and I have hardly worn it again. I hardly wore saris to office when I got a job, then when I got married, like any other girl I had a suitcase full of saris and salwar kameez, the saris got out occasionally though the salwar kameez were used regularly. 

When my daughters were born I had the excuse of not wearing it because I was hard pressed for time, because they will cling to me and then I will pick them up and I will not be able manage my sari again if by chance it’s pallu gets undone etc. etc. so for a good number of years I did not wear saris at all except for a marriage function or a temple visit in Kerala where salwar kameez were not allowed.

By the time I realized that it’s been so many years since I had worn my saris a good amount of time had passed and it took me longer to wear a sari and it irritated me to no end  if I did not get it right at the first attempt.   Now nothing of this sort stopped me from shopping for saris for marriages, or just like that but they all languished in my almirah or I would give it away to my mother or my mother in law .

When I saw the ‘100 sari pact’ by some gorgeous ladies who wore the chiffon, the Georgette , the pochampally, the kantha work etc. etc. I was so tempted to wear one myself,  I was really inspired by them, they were all women with careers, children and home to look after but they never gave any excuse and happily took out time to adorn one of the most beautiful attire a woman can ask for and which looks invariably beautiful on every woman , of every colour and age.

I really regret not having worn saris regularly, infact there had been years where I never wore a sari even once a year . Once I finish off the blog marathon successfully I am thinking of taking up the ' sari pact' , I think my beautiful saris deserve it.  

I am linking this with the blog marathon because here I am  challenging myself to do something which I had almost stopped doing, that is blogging ,and now here I am writing a post  almost every single day and on some days even two posts, so I hope to continue challenging my self some more by way of this  'Sari pact'. 

 I am planning to wear a sari at least once every week to  start with, that would amount to wearing sari 4 times a month.   What do you say…do you care to join  in ???

The crochet Phase..!! (Blogmarathon post no. 16)

Sometimes I get into a phase, now this phase can come in the form of reading books of a particular genre or a particular author or cooking food of a particular kind, sometimes it can be buying lipsticks of certain colour palette etc. like wise this winter I had got into this phase, where in I desperately wanted to learn ‘Crochet’!! and nothing and nobody could dissuade me from it, I had to learn it by hook or by crook (literally !!)

I was like a possessed woman who would not rest until she laid her hands on a crochet needle and believe me I ran high and low to buy the needle, bought it , bought the wool and then came the problem that there was no body to teach me the knitting part.  I tried to learn from my neighbours but I did not have the time to sit with them and learn it, I tried to find out magazines which would have instructions or tips but could not find one, then I realized that the most powerful weapon  (yes Google baba) was being forgotten by me.. so I jumped on to Google and there was a flood of websites with teaching manual and online instructions to get going in ‘Crochet’ learning but this also could not help me as I found it difficult to translate the instructions to knitting …. 

Then finally I zeroed in on the most reliable medium of instruction on the web, ‘You tube', for such things such as knitting, cooking etc. , believe me it was such a smooth sailing once I got a hang of the entire crochet instruction videos, it was fun and it also  satisfied my urge to learn, some videos were so precise, so good and it made the whole crochet process so simple.  The best part was I did not have to take out special time out to learn through ‘You tube’ as I could access it on the go on my cell phone, it also helped me utilize my travel time… hey now.. I did not knit while in my office bus… but I could get a hang of the whole knitting process , how to loop the thread, how many chains to make ? Which loop to thread etc. etc.

Finally at the end of this ‘Crochet phase’, I had two beautiful ;) pieces of small table mats, two hats for the Barbie dolls of my girls (by the way I was trying to make something else and it ended up looking like a hat!!) and also many unfinished, unknown shapes of crochet pieces in my crochet box… but yes the efforts were worth it and I was so proud that I could make two decent table mats just by relying on the ‘you tube’ videos.   I must acknowledge that the  kind of information available on it for any one who wants to learn without assistance  is huge and absolutely useful as well.  I am so thankful to ‘You tube’ for making my ‘Crochet phase’ a huge success !! :)  

Now you know the question… come on... out with the answers!!!...

Embers.... (Blog marathon post no. 15) a poem

Long winding roads beckoned me,

and the  beautiful pine trees  enamored me

The mesmerizing melee of clouds before the rain

Brought on a lingering sweet pain

The memory of warmth of your hand on mine

Brought on a  smile so fine

Sparks of embers sprouted  wings

Longing gathered in smoky rings

Lonely moon peered through the apple tree

And the melodious song reminded of thee

The magic of mountains and pine trees

Apple orchards and snowy peaks

The memories tucked away like a pearl

Like a dream so unreal, so ethereal….

Friday, July 15, 2016

Dwelling on the past (Blogmarathon post no. 14)

The other day I was going through my blog posts since the time I started blogging, which is around 2008 and  when I was reading my posts, I could see a pattern, it was that most of my writings dwelled on the past or to put it more directly they were mostly derived from the past. 

These posts have instances from my childhood, especially the time which I spent in Kerala , then some glimpses about my student life and some about the time when my children were born etc. , then I realized that how much of our life depends on our past learnings, many times we derive strength from our past experiences. The very situations which seemed so unbearable and stifling and full of strife in the past start appearing  different and seems to be containing life lessons when we look back at them later on.

The various friendships that I have had in the past or my relationship with my relatives has also been topics of my post, indicating very clearly the importance of the past journey that each relationship had gone  through in our life, how we evolved, how we interpreted and how we learnt our lessons from it, sometime positive, sometimes negative, thus proving once again that our past plays an important role in shaping up our present.

I was just thinking aloud if it comes  natural for most of the people to start looking back when they sit down to  write, taking cues from their own life and surroundings,.  Just wondering !!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

When the face changes..... (Blog marathon post no. 13)

Some books just stay with you forever, and what makes them stay with you is the characters, sometimes it is all about one character which just conquers your heart forever. From the time I started reading I had this thing about imagining the characters in my mind, I am sure many of us do it, in our minds there would be a picture of the character as described by the novelist or story teller and the character takes different leaps as per his story but his looks remains the same in the minds of the reader. 

It is precisely for this reason that I usually avoid watching movies based on novels that I have read, because the movie, however good it is made, usually totally shatters the image or images of the character that I had sketched in my mind and sometimes it is really a jolt to our carefully built imagery.  Also I have noticed that mostly if we read the novel and then watch the movie, it really leads to a lot of dissatisfaction, only very rarely you come across a movie which does full justice to the beauty of a well written novel, or it totally surpasses the novel and makes a niche for itself, but usually they turn out to be disappointments.  I do not hold the director or the star caste of such movies responsible for this because usually it happens because as a reader we have had vivid, clear imaginations in our head.

I especially remember one particular instance, I had read ‘Gone with the wind’ when I was in may be the first year of college and I had this very clear,  Tall Dark and Handsome image of ‘Rhet Butler’ in my mind and also I was totally bowled  over by him.  Couple of years later I happened to watch the movie ‘Gone with the wind’ and I was absolutely disappointed by the on screen ‘Rhet Butler’, with all due respect to the actor, it was not about his looks or acting abilities not being up to the mark, it was about me not able to see any body else as ‘Rhet Butler’, because the person in my imagination was my 'Rhet Butler' and could never bring myself to accept the person on screen as him.

Now after that particular incident I made up my mind that as much as possible I would avoid watching such movies, but if I happen to see it at all then I will try and erase the image in my mind and keep my mind open for a new face to take over the face in my imagination, but you would agree that it is a very difficult task!  

Yes, sometimes when the face on screen and the screenplay proves to be better than the novel that I had read and the face in my imagination, it sure comes as a pleasant surprise.  Have you had any disappointments like me or you have had pleasant surprises instead when you have watched movies based on novels that you have read??

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Me and make up (Blogmarathon post no. 12)

I am a unique make up lover, I love Make up but I rarely use it as a whole, as in I rarely use it as a true blue make up enthusiast, well let me explain, what  I regularly use and cannot live without is  Kajal , some days I skip the eye liner but kajal has to be there!!

 I can’t actually recollect a time when I have gone out anywhere without applying  kajal in my eyes, sometimes even lounging around at home I will be having kajal in my eyes. This is also because as keralaites we love putting homemade kajal on our babies , it is not only the eyes, all Keralaite babies will be seen with kajal in their eyes, beautiful eyebrows drawn with kajal, a big black bindi and a nazar ka kala tika, and this is irrespective of the baby being a boy or girl, so I was also brought up like this, and I remember going to school like this till the time I was in 2nd or 3rd standard  ( I studied in a school in Delhi where everyone around was Keralaite, including Teachers too) and my teachers loved the way my Mother made up my eyes and eyebrows with Kajal,... well  I digress…

I was actually writing about my love for make up, though the maximum make up I usually put on is kajal , lipstick and sometimes a small bindi and if it is a party or something I can even go for a blush on, but I love make up and I keep subscribing to sites like ‘Fab bag’ wherein we can subscribe for makeup bag as per our skin and hair type and they send a mix of skin care products and make up products as per our details.  I basically love lipsticks also but won’t go all out putting it on my lips because I do not like drawing too much attention towards my lips … well that is a different story all together.

I can incessantly watch make up videos on Instagram, I just love the way make up transforms a person, the way contouring is done, foundations are put and how the eye makeup lights up a person and changes her entire look.  I love reading about make up reviews as well.

I admire women who do make up flawlessly and carries it off elegantly, their knowledge and expertise in make up make them outstanding and some of their work is simply out of the world. I started a makeup and skin care blog in between but dropped the idea because I thought if I a m going to review products I would be only reviewing kajal, eyeliners and lipsticks or some skin care products but there are a number of other products in makeup such as eye shadows, foundations, blush ons, cc creams, primers and so on and I would not be doing justice to these products if I restrict myself to only kajals and lipstick reviews.

But now after seeing so many  Instagram videos and you tube videos on make up,  I am really tempted to do the reviews even if these are limited to the products and make up that I am using… so you might get to see one or two product reviews in my futures posts….

What is your make up story? do you love make up like me but do not put it on so much or you are some one who loves make up and is a pro at it?  or, some one who do not like it and do not use it also…come on…share all those make up secrets… I am longing to hear it….

How to get an organised Almirah!!? (Blogmarathon post no. 11)

Having a tidy work table, an organized Almirah and especially an organized handbag are some things which are always on my ‘to do list’ but however much I try it hardly gets materialized.  When I was in school and  college my Mother used to get after my life to get my almirah organized because in my absence whenever she tried to retrieve something from it, she invariably had a bundle of clothes falling on her as soon as the almirah doors where open !!

Even now at my home I struggle to get my clothes  organized and make different piles, I just do not have a knack for it, however much I try and make it happen things come back to the same mess after a mere two days. Same is the story with my work table also but then one day  I happened to read somehwhere that people with unorganized and messy tables are the ones who works the most J and how happy I was!  

Well jokes apart I really want to get ideas from you guys as to how should I organize my almirah and my kids almirah, they have separate almirahs for study related articles it’s  about the clothes that I am worried about.  I also have a separate shelf for storing the ironed clothes of all of us but by the end of the week all the clothes end up looking not ironed but just out of the washing machine !! L

So how do you get your Almirah/s  organized… hey I am looking forward to your advise and ideas !!

Monday, July 11, 2016

A different kind of Friendship !! (Blogmarathon post no. 10)

Long before the advent of emails, mobile phones, FB, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat etc. etc.,  there was something called 'Pen friends/ Pen friendships', I think now we can conveniently call it the ancient version of all these social media tools available. One thing I can vouch for is that it was a very clean and exciting way of making friendship with people within our Country and overseas, the highlight of it was that mostly these pen friendships were approved by parents and thrived under their full supervision, at least that is what has been witnessed by me.

I came across the concept of 'pen friendship' through the children's magazine named 'children's world', I had subscribed for it and it used to arrive at my door step once a month along with the newspaper bundle and it used to be a happy day for me with lots of stories and cartoons and colouring contest to catch up with. Towards the last page of this magazine was a page dedicated to people looking for 'Pen friendship' along with their name, address , age , which  class   (as readers were mostly students only) and their hobbies  so that the reader can identify the 'pen friend' who closely matches her or his age, class, hobbies etc and reach out to them for being pen friends.  

I think I was in class 9 when I actually got a pen friend, before that though I kept trying, I abandoned one or two pen friends because I could not find much in common with them. This 'pen friend' of mine was a boy of class xi in Goa and was aspiring to be an Engineer, and appeared to be quite studios and intelligent as per his details given in the magazine.  I wrote to him with a  'pen friendship' request and soon we became very good friends, in due course of time I realized that he is also a keralaite settled in Goa, soon we started exchanging loong letters to each other, we started confiding in each other and the tone and tanor of our letters kept changing as we also kept growing and changing.  Not even for once the letters from either side cross any boundary of decency and clean friendship, in fact my parents grew very fond of him and his sister's good wishes were always there in each letter that he wrote to me. 

Once when my 'pen friend'visited Delhi  he came visiting my home as well and we prepared a wholesome Kerala lunch for him , it was great meeting in person after years of exchanging letters to each other.  Time flew and I reached college and he had got into a very good organisation as an Engineer, then some how we lost touch with each other , also me and my family shifted out from the place where I used to get his letter which diminished the chance of getting his letters any more.

Later , much later, I traced him out through the name of the Company where he had joined and we got in touch with again, by the time I was married and was working in a Company, into a particular profession and when I got in touch with him it was a pleasant surprise to know that he was also in the same profession as me and was pretty senior and was doing quite well in his field.    Then again we lost touch somewhere but then FB  (Facebook)  came to our rescue and we restored our lost friendship and got in touch with each other again.

It is a unique story of 'pen friendship', full of respect and warmth for each other, it has that old world charm and innocence which today's social media somehow seems to  lack.  At the same time I am thankful to FB for having given us a chance to renew our relationship and carry on with this wonderful friendship that we had nurtured over the years.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Linda Goodman's Sun signs !! (Blog Marathon post no. 9)

I think I was around 13 or so when I heard about sun signs, to be more specific I heard about Linda Goodman first and sun sign later.  So it was the in thing to say ‘oh she is a Scorpio that is why she is so secretive’ blah ..blah and to be honest I had no idea what my friends were talking about, or how they could predict somebody’s sun sign just by observing their temperament. 

Well, that is when I came to know about 'Linda Goodman’s Sun signs',  It opened a whole new world, I started seeing my friends as not Reena or Mohna but as 'Pisces' and 'Gemini', also,  I started fretting over the fact that in spite of being a Virgo, I was not a cleanliness freak!! finally  I came to the conclusion that it is all because I was in the cusp of Leo and Virgo!!

For me and my friends at that time,‘Linda Goodman’s sun signs’ became our Bible for referring to all our queries about friends, relatives, relationships and relationships going haywire!! We used to make groups and sit and read the book together and discuss and argue over what is right and what is wrong about X as per his/ her sun sign.  Even today it comes naturally to me to secretly make small mental notes about a person when I come to know about his or her sun sign ;)

What about you? Have you read this book, and do you think that our relatives or friends behave in a certain way due to their sun sign?? Do you believe in sun signs at all?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Reading journey.... (Blog Marathon post no. 8)

My memories of reading  dates back to when I was a very little girl, may be 5 years old, I clearly remember reading Malayalam children’s magazine such as ‘poombatta’ (meaning butterfly)  and ‘balarama. I used to wait for my Grandfather to bring these books, the moment he would enter the house with it in the evening I would almost snatch it away from him and run to a corner to have a peaceful reading.

 I distinctly remember how I got into the reading habit.. it so happened that some evenings at our house in Kerala, when both my Aunts would be busy reading Malayalam weekly’s  I would be sitting in front of them trying to distract them from reading by following their eye movement on the paper and putting my forefinger on the exact lines they are trying to read so that I can block those lines and stop them from reading ;).    This was so because I could not read , also  when they were engrossed in reading they would not play with me  or talk to me .  So they found out this novel way of making me a part of the gang by inducting me too to the reading club early on and taught me to read and enjoy the stories by buying the children’s magazine for me along with their Malayalam weekly’s, and since that day I am hooked to it and I am so thankful to them for it .

When my Aunts would be at school and my Grandmother busy in the kitchen I would make use of the opportunity to rummage through the stack of old magazines kept by my Aunts, quickly get hold of one of the magazines and first relish the fragrance of old paper yellowing at the edges but full of stories and adventure and would try and read the small stories or cartoons in them because otherwise it was not allowed for me to read the weekly’s.

My reading journey has been quite a steady one, I started with children’s magazine but soon graduated to reading malayalm weekly’s as well and then hindi comics, especially chacha Chaudhary was a favorite of mine, then I was a fan of English comics such as Phantom, Mandrake etc. then soon it was Archies and then one day I landed up reading Mills & Boon then there was no  looking back , then one fine morning one of my seniors at school gave me a novel by Sidney Sheldon and it hit me like volcanoe !! and then there were the Daniel Steel, Robin cook, John Grishams etc. etc my reading journey  was quite a steady one and still going strong….

I am the happiest when I buy a new book to read or a book that I ordered online arrives at my doorstep.. though now I don’t get much time to read but still my excitement at the mere thought of reading a new book is the same as that little 5 year old girl who used to run to a corner to read her ‘poombatta’ peacefully.

There is more to my reading journey and the books I have read and want to read, all that in another post……

Monday, July 4, 2016

For you Mom - a poem by my daughter (blog marathon post no. 7)

Today I am posting the poem written by my elder daughter after I scolded her for something, she sent this poem to me to the drawing room where I was sitting  (through her little sister ).  The paper was  folded neatly, on top of the folded sheet it was written, 'For you Mom', and inside I found  these wonderful lines. 

 This was written in a few minutes by her (she reads a lot and also writes well) and I simply loved the verses ,   how genuinely she puts across her feelings, like every Mother I  was so touched by these lines and I had tears in my eyes.  So today's post is a poem by my budding writer, my teenage poetess, my daughter....

Sorry Mom, I disappoint you often
 but towards me, you always soften

Sorry I always let you down
but your love is my only crown

You are so gentle and kind
even when I am out of my mind

I know sorry's have been said 100 times
but I want you as my Mom in all the lives

I love you so much I can't express
still, I can't see why I give you stress

stupid, I am , so forgive me
and let the fool that I am, let it be

You are my role model, I look up to you
stay the same, accept all that is new

because however the time changes
however my voice rages

Deep down I will always be cursing my self for 
giving you hard times
I want you as my Mom in all my lives....

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weekends !! (Blog Marathon Post no. 6)

It’s been many years since I had been working in 5 day week Companies and for me an off on Saturday too means the world.  Saturdays are reserved for the washing, cleaning, shopping etc. which piles up over the entire week.
It gives immense sense of peace to the mind on Friday evenings that now I have two days in my hand to complete many tasks kept pending at home front, I get time to spend with my children, entire two days. Now that my elder daughter is in high school and she has school on Saturdays, I also get to be at home when she comes back from school and have lunch together, believe me it’s a huge thing for me and my children.  
The entire week we are together only till around 6.40 am or so in the morning because by this time both of them leave for their respective schools and both of us, me and my husband also leave home around 8 am, we come back around 8 pm at night, pick up the children from my Mothers place. Once we reach home then there is a rush for completing homework, preparing for the tests , the hustle and bustle for cooking dinner and whoosh! The day is over.
The silver lining of it all is the Saturday and Sundays that shine bright at the end of the week for people like us. I am sure that    for stay at home Moms also the weekends must be special time, what with all the family members present at home or the entire family going out for shopping or picnic or even something as mundane as running an errand becomes special when you do it along with your family, isn’t it?
So how do you spend your weekends, do you also rush through the week like me or you are lucky enough to enjoy each day? What is your take on the weekends?

Friday, July 1, 2016

What do you do ? ( blog marathon post no. 5)

Today is the first day of a new month, I have lots of expectations from this month.  I am trying hard to overcome negative thoughts bubbling up in my thinking pool, I am wishing and praying hard  that this month builds up as a peaceful, happy and fruitful month for one and all.  

Some days are smooth and shining like a pearl, some days transforms into dark tunnels and gobbles us up and we waver and stumble and navigate our way out of it with great difficulty. I usually overcome such days with prayer and positive thinking but my worrier mind keeps on going back to the issues which is stuck at the back of my mind and keeps bothering me throughout the day. 

What is your way of overcoming such days, do you pray? Listen to music or read a book and does your mind also go back to the issue time and again like mine or you are able to forget the issue , at least temporarily, tell me? May be  I can take some cues from you.