Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to get an organised Almirah!!? (Blogmarathon post no. 11)

Having a tidy work table, an organized Almirah and especially an organized handbag are some things which are always on my ‘to do list’ but however much I try it hardly gets materialized.  When I was in school and  college my Mother used to get after my life to get my almirah organized because in my absence whenever she tried to retrieve something from it, she invariably had a bundle of clothes falling on her as soon as the almirah doors where open !!

Even now at my home I struggle to get my clothes  organized and make different piles, I just do not have a knack for it, however much I try and make it happen things come back to the same mess after a mere two days. Same is the story with my work table also but then one day  I happened to read somehwhere that people with unorganized and messy tables are the ones who works the most J and how happy I was!  

Well jokes apart I really want to get ideas from you guys as to how should I organize my almirah and my kids almirah, they have separate almirahs for study related articles it’s  about the clothes that I am worried about.  I also have a separate shelf for storing the ironed clothes of all of us but by the end of the week all the clothes end up looking not ironed but just out of the washing machine !! L

So how do you get your Almirah/s  organized… hey I am looking forward to your advise and ideas !!


  1. For a moment I thought, you hijacked the post in my head on how to organise wardrobes. The best thing would be Rekha, come over to my place and i can give you a live demo. And remember our plans to get you to drive? We can get that done too...

    Okay. now to serious business. This could be a long winding comment but nevertheless....

    The best would be to keep each persons clothes in separate wardrobes or in separate sections. ( its easier that way to catch the culprit who makes the most mess. if it is you, then continue with your old method itself.. ha ha )

    And for each person, say for yourself, separate your clothes depending on their usage and need. I can give you how i segregate. Home clothes, Office wear Indian, Office wear Western ( trousers separately, shirts, formal tops, T-shirts ), sarees ( blouses, underskirts) so these are broadly my sections that i have divided my clothes. So all my office wear salwars, that are ironed along with their pants and duppattah as a set are stored in one place. All trousers go together, Western wear shirts are stacked in a section and Tshirts in another. Sarees go together, all my saree blouses are stacked together and Underskirts are in one section. Lingerie in one draw. The washed stuff that needs starching go into a separate section and the starched ones go the ironing bag along with all other clothes that needs ironing.

    When the ironed stuff come back, i put them back into these different sections, which is painful and not easy at all, but mornings are hassle free.

    I also arrange stuff depending on usage - say my office wear are stored at my hand level ( most used) whereas my party wear go to the bottom most cupboard. similarly home wear is also at the most reachable spot.

    I still do have stuff that come out of place, and there are days when i spend hours together arranging this stuff.

    It is a painful process and is a discipline that takes time to practice, but every time i get this done, and put a tick mark against that line item in my to do list, I feel like a super woman.

    I also manage my son's wardrode, much against his wishes, and that's the most frustating chore that get myself into. almost mid week after organising, his clothes need another round of ironing.

    I dont know if this comment helped. but i would be glad to even explain this to you.

    I have standing requests from all my close friends to come over to their place to organise their wardrobes. the Close ones are those who take the liberty of opening the wardrobes and admire the way they ae maintained like in a textile showroom :-)

    Dont you think i have an OCD in organising? I think so too... Actually i need professional help :-) :-) :-)

  2. Ha Ha... I knew it that you are going to be a great help !! So after going through your comment (thanks a ton for taking out time to give so much of information on this), I think it would be better if you come over and give me a demo, that way my work would be done and your OCD would be satisfied ;)
    Jokes apart, hats off to you for being such a meticulous person, I wish I could be half as good as you, and I do not think it's an OCD, I think it is important trait to have because ultimately your children learns from you, how I wish I had this trait and could pass on this to both my daughters though my husband is an extreme case of cleanlines and orderliness :))
    On the side I really wish I could come over and do that driving lessons and spend some great time with you.. let's hope it will happen some day.. till then take care and thanks once again..

  3. Oh god, I realised I just freaked out on that comment and ended up with a comment longer than the post itself. For a moment my OCD just came out like how Nagavalli came out in the movie Manichitrathazhu :-) :-)

  4. ha ha Vincy good one!! I love reading such comments, keep it coming !!

  5. you have some good advise here! after marriage i have given up on having things organized but i do find satisfaction out of keeping an organized office space:-)

  6. I too like it so much when someone does that for me ;)