Friday, July 8, 2016

Linda Goodman's Sun signs !! (Blog Marathon post no. 9)

I think I was around 13 or so when I heard about sun signs, to be more specific I heard about Linda Goodman first and sun sign later.  So it was the in thing to say ‘oh she is a Scorpio that is why she is so secretive’ blah ..blah and to be honest I had no idea what my friends were talking about, or how they could predict somebody’s sun sign just by observing their temperament. 

Well, that is when I came to know about 'Linda Goodman’s Sun signs',  It opened a whole new world, I started seeing my friends as not Reena or Mohna but as 'Pisces' and 'Gemini', also,  I started fretting over the fact that in spite of being a Virgo, I was not a cleanliness freak!! finally  I came to the conclusion that it is all because I was in the cusp of Leo and Virgo!!

For me and my friends at that time,‘Linda Goodman’s sun signs’ became our Bible for referring to all our queries about friends, relatives, relationships and relationships going haywire!! We used to make groups and sit and read the book together and discuss and argue over what is right and what is wrong about X as per his/ her sun sign.  Even today it comes naturally to me to secretly make small mental notes about a person when I come to know about his or her sun sign ;)

What about you? Have you read this book, and do you think that our relatives or friends behave in a certain way due to their sun sign?? Do you believe in sun signs at all?


  1. post #9. wow! i have lots to catch up on. i am a leo by the way. i have stopped looking through LG's eyes but like you, i also used to think of people in terms of their sun signs and never got tired trying to fit them into that sun sign box.

  2. Ha ha , it's fun doing that isn't it, though as you rightly said we stop looking through LG's eyes in due course of time...
    special thanks to you for taking out time and commenting on each of the post..
    take care

  3. Hey Rekha, yes Linda Goodman used to be my behavioural guru too until I got married. I would say I was almost obsessed with her and her views on sun signs. That was one book I had referred to so much that it had dogs years and the front pages were literally torn. I must have referred to it so often that my hubby dear threw that book away ( he still hasn't disclosed what he did with that book) and I still mourn the loss of that particular book. ha ha ha

    1. I have also lost my book somewhere and thinking of finding it again, now that I have written this and read your comments I feel like reading it again :) and if I find it I will send it across to you ... do not tel your husband about it ...psst.psst.. ;)

      take care