Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Me and make up (Blogmarathon post no. 12)

I am a unique make up lover, I love Make up but I rarely use it as a whole, as in I rarely use it as a true blue make up enthusiast, well let me explain, what  I regularly use and cannot live without is  Kajal , some days I skip the eye liner but kajal has to be there!!

 I can’t actually recollect a time when I have gone out anywhere without applying  kajal in my eyes, sometimes even lounging around at home I will be having kajal in my eyes. This is also because as keralaites we love putting homemade kajal on our babies , it is not only the eyes, all Keralaite babies will be seen with kajal in their eyes, beautiful eyebrows drawn with kajal, a big black bindi and a nazar ka kala tika, and this is irrespective of the baby being a boy or girl, so I was also brought up like this, and I remember going to school like this till the time I was in 2nd or 3rd standard  ( I studied in a school in Delhi where everyone around was Keralaite, including Teachers too) and my teachers loved the way my Mother made up my eyes and eyebrows with Kajal,... well  I digress…

I was actually writing about my love for make up, though the maximum make up I usually put on is kajal , lipstick and sometimes a small bindi and if it is a party or something I can even go for a blush on, but I love make up and I keep subscribing to sites like ‘Fab bag’ wherein we can subscribe for makeup bag as per our skin and hair type and they send a mix of skin care products and make up products as per our details.  I basically love lipsticks also but won’t go all out putting it on my lips because I do not like drawing too much attention towards my lips … well that is a different story all together.

I can incessantly watch make up videos on Instagram, I just love the way make up transforms a person, the way contouring is done, foundations are put and how the eye makeup lights up a person and changes her entire look.  I love reading about make up reviews as well.

I admire women who do make up flawlessly and carries it off elegantly, their knowledge and expertise in make up make them outstanding and some of their work is simply out of the world. I started a makeup and skin care blog in between but dropped the idea because I thought if I a m going to review products I would be only reviewing kajal, eyeliners and lipsticks or some skin care products but there are a number of other products in makeup such as eye shadows, foundations, blush ons, cc creams, primers and so on and I would not be doing justice to these products if I restrict myself to only kajals and lipstick reviews.

But now after seeing so many  Instagram videos and you tube videos on make up,  I am really tempted to do the reviews even if these are limited to the products and make up that I am using… so you might get to see one or two product reviews in my futures posts….

What is your make up story? do you love make up like me but do not put it on so much or you are some one who loves make up and is a pro at it?  or, some one who do not like it and do not use it also…come on…share all those make up secrets… I am longing to hear it….


  1. Rekha, there is a saying in Malayalam, ‘Chathu kidannalum chamanju kidakkanam’ which means, even when you are lying dead, you should look your best. I truly believe in this saying. I am a very lazy person when it comes to make-up but most of the time I do take efforts to look good. For me lipstick, compact powder and eyeliner are a must. The special occasions do elicit more from the toolkit, foundation, a touch of rouge, Kajal, Eyeshadow and Lip liner would complete the ensemble.
    Since I am the lazy kinds, I do not spend much time on make-up. I take less than 5 seconds for the eyeliner and can even put it incase i missed it, in a moving car. :-) :-)

  2. Ha Ha Vincy love your comments !! I am also quite lazy in this department but I make sure that I am presentable at least when I am in office, though I love make up as i said!! Hey I thought I am the only eyeliner expert but you bowled me over with " I take less than 5 seconds for the eyeliner and can even put it in case i missed it, in a moving care", whoa.. that's classic...I am ready to come over to chennai just for that :) :)

  3. you are a lot like my daughter! she does not do make up all the time but is quite fascinated by it. the one thing i need (not want) is a lipstick because it best protects the lips in cold weather. i had wondered about the skin care blog. good going ss.

    1. Ha.. ha glad to know there are people like me.. loves make up but wont put it on !!