Tuesday, July 26, 2016

memories of rain...... (Blogmarathon post no. 22)

Green water along green moss,

dipped into a rippling rivulet.....

lashing rain , darkened trees,

adorned dewy  drops on wet grass

peeping mushrooms shaded a yellow flower,

croaking frog jolted the drenched crow,

chiming bell of a lonely cow.....

brought music to falling shower....

darkened day and falling  rain,

some memories..unforgotten,,,,

smiles of yore...  draped in layers of muslin

stirs up a sweet , lingering pain…….


  1. Rain. Doesn't it always invoke Nostalgia.

    And from your poem this is a Kerala rain, am i right?

    Rain in every place is different i have felt and the best are the ones I have drenched in Kerala.

    1. You got it absolutely right! yes it is Kerala rain and I love it... well Delhi rain.. by the time you realise it is raining it's already gone!!!

  2. Now I just wish I could be in Kerala when it rains. Beautiful remains the word ss. What a fitting place for me to end the last of your marathon posts that I hadn't read. Enjoyed all of it, and as I said if you constantly write, your flow improves and I feel a new energy. Keep it going ss. Thanks for the fun trip:-)

  3. oh and every time I click to read a post, that refreshing picture of a lantern is a pleasure. good choice!