Monday, July 25, 2016

Snip .. snip... (blogmarathon post no. 21)

It’s been a while that my elder daughter has been after me and my husband to give her the permission to chop off her waist length hair.  She started growing her hair when she was around 9 or so, now she is 14. Like every teenager and as per fashion trend she had started this demand almost  2 years back itself, may be the fact that she had become a teenager had everything to do with it, other wise she was quite happy with the hair.  

  Now this Sunday, we finally surrendered to her wish as she was not taking care of her hair at all and was almost indifferent to its existence as such ! so we thought that its better to give into her desire rather than try to control her.  So off I went with her to the beauty salon and the girl there chopped it off snip..snip … snip and I almost felt as if one of my body part was being chopped off, at the same time my daughter was over the moon, I could not see even a flicker of sadness on her face or an attachment to the hair which she had initially grown with so much care and proud. 

Well.. both her grandmothers, my aunts were all upset at the sight of short hair on her (thanks to whatsapp for enabling to send such news to the entire family tree in a click). But my cousins were all rejoicing as they thought that such long hair aged her and it was not in fashion any more to have long hair.

Well I remember I had the same desperation till the time I got married because my parents were very clear that I can do whatever I want with my long hair ( I also had long hair) after marriage, and after a year of marriage I had gone off to parlour in a huff, after a tiff with the husband to be precise (!!!)  and chopped off my long tresses (though later I was aghast at what I did).  Well after that my hair has actually not grown beyond the shoulder level and it has sort of taken revenge on me by protesting and deciding not to grow no matter what ever I did to pamper it  and grow it long like before !!

So I could to a certain extend understand why my daughter was so happy at cutting her hair short but at the same time being a mother I was proud of her hair and how people admired her long hair.. the long chopped tresses in the hair dressers hand actually gave me a sense of loss.... 

I was just thinking to myself that for all of us,  though we are all supposed to be quite modern and living in a cosmopolitan city and all,  we still somewhere cling on to our roots and tradition and when one of our loved one does something which is not as per our tradition it still pinches us.  But then what this modern and cosmopolitan set up has done to us is that -  we  are quicker to adjust and forget all about it and ultimately learn to bear with it, all with  a pinch of salt, isn't it??


  1. Count me in - for this snipping madness.

    ast year same time around, walked into the parlour and told them to cut my hair short. that was the third time i was requesting the ladies there and they always refused, since they straightened my hair and had a liking for it. I was simply bored of long hair. Third time, i told them if you are not chopping my hair, then i have to go to some other parlour. The hairdresser obliged.

    MY FB post read thus "Chopped my tresses and feeling liberated". Actually there are occasions when i actually miss my long hair - what is gone is gone.

    I am sure your daughter will be really happy and it may take years for her to miss her long hair. I hope you have taken enough photographs to keep the memory intact :-) ;)

    1. Ha ha Vincy.. that is so cool... I am hoping to get this kind of cool quotient.. now that I am the mother of a cool.. teenager!!! Yes some photographs are there and I am sure a day will come when she will realise the importance of those snipped hair... :)

    2. The saddest part is even if she grows it back, it will never come back to its earlier glory. Like how you have mentioned in the post, its almost like a revenge that you hair takes on you :-)

    3. yeah.. you are right.. but she is too happy with the short hair now and it seems she is going to keep it this way forever too :(

  2. I had the opposite problem with my daughter maybe because I liked seeing her in short hair which always brought her baby face back. Even shoulder length hair gives her that soon to be teen look which while right for her, makes me nostalgic.. Having said that I love looking at beautiful long tresses. It has such an elegance to it....