Monday, July 18, 2016

The crochet Phase..!! (Blogmarathon post no. 16)

Sometimes I get into a phase, now this phase can come in the form of reading books of a particular genre or a particular author or cooking food of a particular kind, sometimes it can be buying lipsticks of certain colour palette etc. like wise this winter I had got into this phase, where in I desperately wanted to learn ‘Crochet’!! and nothing and nobody could dissuade me from it, I had to learn it by hook or by crook (literally !!)

I was like a possessed woman who would not rest until she laid her hands on a crochet needle and believe me I ran high and low to buy the needle, bought it , bought the wool and then came the problem that there was no body to teach me the knitting part.  I tried to learn from my neighbours but I did not have the time to sit with them and learn it, I tried to find out magazines which would have instructions or tips but could not find one, then I realized that the most powerful weapon  (yes Google baba) was being forgotten by me.. so I jumped on to Google and there was a flood of websites with teaching manual and online instructions to get going in ‘Crochet’ learning but this also could not help me as I found it difficult to translate the instructions to knitting …. 

Then finally I zeroed in on the most reliable medium of instruction on the web, ‘You tube', for such things such as knitting, cooking etc. , believe me it was such a smooth sailing once I got a hang of the entire crochet instruction videos, it was fun and it also  satisfied my urge to learn, some videos were so precise, so good and it made the whole crochet process so simple.  The best part was I did not have to take out special time out to learn through ‘You tube’ as I could access it on the go on my cell phone, it also helped me utilize my travel time… hey now.. I did not knit while in my office bus… but I could get a hang of the whole knitting process , how to loop the thread, how many chains to make ? Which loop to thread etc. etc.

Finally at the end of this ‘Crochet phase’, I had two beautiful ;) pieces of small table mats, two hats for the Barbie dolls of my girls (by the way I was trying to make something else and it ended up looking like a hat!!) and also many unfinished, unknown shapes of crochet pieces in my crochet box… but yes the efforts were worth it and I was so proud that I could make two decent table mats just by relying on the ‘you tube’ videos.   I must acknowledge that the  kind of information available on it for any one who wants to learn without assistance  is huge and absolutely useful as well.  I am so thankful to ‘You tube’ for making my ‘Crochet phase’ a huge success !! :)  

Now you know the question… come on... out with the answers!!!...


  1. Interesting to read this since this is one activity i am not very familiar with. During my stay in the hill station Yercaud for two years ( this is a nice hill station in the shervarayon range of mountains in the south) I did attempt this, but my heart wasnt in it.

    You should put the pictures as well Rekha for us to see it :-) :-)

  2. Hey I have heard about this place, I didn't know you have stayed there, interesting!!
    You are right I should have put some pics also, let me see if I can edit and do that soon...
    thanks a ton Vincy
    take care

  3. Guru Google to the rescue as always since they own "you tube" it is a well placed credit. Sometimes I think internet makes up for lack of joint family living. It was fun to read about your crochet journey. I had learned a bit long time ago but left it there. And yes, do post pictures if you can