Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The thatched roof was dilapidated, a heavy rain fall was all that it needed to start leaking from every nook possible.  The courtyard was covered only from three sides, from one side it was open, the makeshift gate was made up of uneven bamboo sticks and it did not require much strength or intelligence to open it.  All in all the entire house was an open invitation to thieves, and safety was not discussed often enough. 

The glimmering lantern perched on a hook fixed along the low roof covering the elevated front veranda. It seemed as if the house breathed, it smelt of molds and old books and nostalgia. The feeble light of the lantern kept flickering then steadied just as the house kept going in and out of memories.  The white beautiful sand  in the front yard that  once shone bright in moonlight was not to be seen any more, it was thickly covered with overgrown bushes and  creepers , may be snakes wandered freely beneath it, may be not. 

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