Thursday, February 22, 2018

Faith - poetry - post no. 17- blog marathon

Traversing through the maze of life

I struggled through many a strife

Shade and sun played havoc

Amidst chaos I ran amok

It was Faith that calmed me down

Made me smile instead of frown

Faith enveloped me like a blanket

Keeping me away from any lament

This is the beauty of faith and belief

It blesses you with strength and relief

Faith is my calm, my boon

On  many dark nights it’s my shining moon

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Just a rant - post no. 16- blog marathon

Why do I write?

I have asked this question to myself many times and always got the answer that I love writing. 

I am never really far away from the idea of writing, anything I do , at the end of the day I feel satisfied if I had written something that day.  Then you may ask, if that is the case then why so few blog posts even after 10 years of blogging ? Your question is absolutely valid.. sometimes I just am not able to put my feelings on to the paper .. or on to a new blog post.  Every thought just reverberates in my mind and some how I am unable to put anything in black and white. For example today I am all restless there is so much going on in the work front and so much to do but I am not able to concentrate.. I wanted to write  that's it. 

I know it sounds like more of a rant than a genuine post,yes, because I have so much to say but no idea how to say and what to say... before I confuse you any more let me stop.

By the way...Yay!! I just crossed  the half way  mark of my blog marathon!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Movie Review - post no. 15 - blog marathon

Saw the movie ‘Padman’ today, what a movie ! It is awe inspiring to know that in real life a man struggled so much to provide comfort to women. He meddled into a subject which is considered taboo till date. 

This movie based on the life and work of Padmashri Arunachalam Muruganantham is a beautiful depiction of the extra ordinary struggle and success of an ordinary man.

Akshay Kumar’s acting is absolutely brilliant, natural and on the point.  Do watch it just to assure yourself that struggles pay off, they really do!

Monday, February 19, 2018

longing for the life in this poetry - post no. 14 - blog marathon

Black swans swam around elegantly
aqua blue water, rippled round
crimson leaves swirled and scattered
pebbles gathered along the bank

picture courtesy : internet

flowers strewn around
under the blossoming trees
couples sat under them holding hands
whispering sweet nothings

Black swans turned around gracefully
gleaming waters shimmered along
warm sunlight fell on the wooden bench
on to happy feet
basking in the sunshine oh so gratefully!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

you beckon me...- post no. 13- blog marathon

Long winding roads
tall, towering trees
snow clad mountains
hot piping tea

Long walks and long conversations
running around
swinging on the swings
lazing on the grass

Bright full moon peeping through the apple tree
green apples shining bright and beautiful
soft music and soul food
gurgling river, ravishing nature
mountains you beckon me....

Arrogance - Post no. 12 - blog marathon

Game of arrogance. 

No it’s not the name of a new web series or a new series of novel.

Arrogance and self-importance are two intangible but very present feelings which you would bump into in any Corporate corridor. You will find people sitting in their ivory towers ordering around hapless subordinates or colleagues. You would also find them walking with long strides, head held high in haughtiness and they would hardly ever return your pleasantries and would mostly  see through you.

 Have you met such people? I am sure you must have.  Corporate corridors and cabins are not the only place they thrive; you will find them among your relatives and neighbors as well. How do you deal with it? Do you ignore them and stay out of their way or you just grin and bear because you are not in a position to ignore them as you have to deal with them daily?

Friday, February 16, 2018

Hair story - post no. 11- blog marathon

Once upon a time I had long , poker straight hair and I found it boring. 

Today I am dying to get  straight hair and my hair just won't listen, Karma, I tell you !  It's been years now since I have started wearing shoulder length hair in steps, because of years of steps put into them my hair now does not remember it's glorious past and refuses to come back to it's original shape. 

Now my daughter has the same hair that I had once, her hair is long and straight and looks beautiful but she finds it boring!! Now she wants to cut it short, wave it , layer it etc. etc. I am sure like me one day she will also look at her wavy hair and lament the loss of her glorious straight crowning glory. I hope she changes her mind soon.

what is your hair story ?? I am sure we all have one !