Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cooking and looking...(blogmarathon post no. 25)

Let me confess that as much I love reading, I love cooking too… there I said it .. I hope none of my family members read this because for sure they are going to ask me one poignant (!!) question and that is “ Really!! we are yet to see the evidence”!! well well guys before you make any wrong assumption about me, let me clear the air that of course I cook but I do not cook as if I love cooking .. ok.. I mean I cook for the necessity like the daily meals, I do not end up cooking savouries or special items etc. etc. 

I hope you understand what I am trying to say.. I love looking at you tube videos of cooking, Instagram is another favourite place of mine to go through the cooking videos.  Also let me tell you once in a while I do cook something special like a chicken curry or a Malabar mutton curry or kozhukatta etc. etc. but I do more of looking at cooking than actually doing it myself.

In television also my favourite channels are the cookery channels, as it is I watch very less TV, and when I get a chance it has to be either a cookery channel or Trave XP. Some of the shows like’ Turban Tudka’, ‘Chef on wheels’ etc are my favourite programmes, also ‘3 course meal with chef Pankaj’ is also good, though sometimes she ends up cooking weird stuff like chicken with chocolate !!

So coming back to my culinary skills, I can cook well and when I am in the mood I can cook really really well but the whole problem is that mostly I am hard pressed for time and when I have time I am hard pressed for the right mood ;) 

But to be honest I am really proud of the fact that every day I cook for my family and make sure that my children carries good food in their lunch.  Though most of our life is spent in the midst of Delhi traffic jams.. I still try not to send  only bread and jam in their tiffin!! 

So what about  you?  It's cooking,  looking or both  ;)  ??


  1. With your blog marathon, I am discovering more similiaties between us. You should watch the Master Chef series and the malayalam version of it in our desi channel Mazhavil Manorama called De chef. You will love it. :-) :-) and yes I love cookery shows and I do watch shows of Rachel Allen, Nigella and Lakshmi Menon

    1. That's another similarity really Vincy!! I love watching Nigella , Rachel Allen and Lakshmi Menon, but my favourite is Nigella. Have you ever watched 'love bites with Joey', our very own mallu super model's cookery show, I love her spunk and attitude.. do watch it if you can..
      take care

  2. Nigella - my favourite too. I love the way she talks, swishes on the gooey stuff that she creates, licks her food as she cooks. :-) :-) simple pleasure of life. I will watch love bites with Joey for sure.

  3. I love cooking when it is not a daily chore too. We watch all the food shows here. 'love bytes with joey' sounds fun based on what you say ss. I'll see if I can find it on YouTube..

  4. I am sure you will find it because she has many fans not only for her culinary skills but also for the beauty that she is!! :)