Monday, July 18, 2016

Embers.... (Blog marathon post no. 15) a poem

Long winding roads beckoned me,

and the  beautiful pine trees  enamored me

The mesmerizing melee of clouds before the rain

Brought on a lingering sweet pain

The memory of warmth of your hand on mine

Brought on a  smile so fine

Sparks of embers sprouted  wings

Longing gathered in smoky rings

Lonely moon peered through the apple tree

And the melodious song reminded of thee

The magic of mountains and pine trees

Apple orchards and snowy peaks

The memories tucked away like a pearl

Like a dream so unreal, so ethereal….


  1. you have a creative mind. it invoked some memories in me too. But isnt that poems are supposed to do? to each their own.. :-)

    loved this one.

    1. Thanks a lot Vincy.. your comments are so valuable to me... love you...
      take care...

  2. So this is where I stopped. Thought I'll start at the right place instead of from the end. And what better than a beautiful poem to start with..