Monday, July 4, 2016

For you Mom - a poem by my daughter (blog marathon post no. 7)

Today I am posting the poem written by my elder daughter after I scolded her for something, she sent this poem to me to the drawing room where I was sitting  (through her little sister ).  The paper was  folded neatly, on top of the folded sheet it was written, 'For you Mom', and inside I found  these wonderful lines. 

 This was written in a few minutes by her (she reads a lot and also writes well) and I simply loved the verses ,   how genuinely she puts across her feelings, like every Mother I  was so touched by these lines and I had tears in my eyes.  So today's post is a poem by my budding writer, my teenage poetess, my daughter....

Sorry Mom, I disappoint you often
 but towards me, you always soften

Sorry I always let you down
but your love is my only crown

You are so gentle and kind
even when I am out of my mind

I know sorry's have been said 100 times
but I want you as my Mom in all the lives

I love you so much I can't express
still, I can't see why I give you stress

stupid, I am , so forgive me
and let the fool that I am, let it be

You are my role model, I look up to you
stay the same, accept all that is new

because however the time changes
however my voice rages

Deep down I will always be cursing my self for 
giving you hard times
I want you as my Mom in all my lives....


  1. Awwwwwwww..... Rekha.. you are so blessed.

    thats a such a lovely lovely poem, so touching, right from the heart of your daughter. reading this one made me wobble.

    Like mother like daughter.. good with words.

  2. Thank you so much Vincy, I will pass on your comments to her, I am sure she would be on top of the world. thanks a ton.
    take care

  3. wow! i will take this over a nobel prize. it must be so nice to have another reader in the house. a kindred spirit. she is good.

  4. Thanks lan, I will pass on your comments to her, she will be over the moon !!
    take care

  5. Wooooowwwwwwww ! wonderful poem, even i got tears in my eyes while reading this, i wasn't knowing she is such a brilliant imminent poetess, "WONDERFUL SOUL"