Friday, July 22, 2016

Past or Future ? (Blogmarathon post no. 20)

‘The Time Travellers wife’ is a very interesting novel by Audrey Nifenegger. No I am not going to review it here , I am mentioning it  because ‘Time travelling’ is a term and concept which has fascinated me for long. It gives so much fodder for imagination and so much of open field for ones imagination to run riot.  After reading this novel, I had actually googled and read many real life stories (allegedly) experienced by people all over the world about Time travel.  I also came across a photo uploaded by a person who met his older self and took a photograph with him !!!

Many times in life I had wanted to time travel and go back to my childhood, that is one of the most calm and serene part of my life which I cherish till date and will always do.  With each passing day I realise how valuable and absolutely innocent were those days and how much at peace I was with my self, it was such a blessed life amidst lot of love from my grandparents and Aunts and also the bounty of Nature around me was unsurpassed.

Most of the time I had wanted to time travel to the past, somehow the thought never came to my mind to time travel to the future and see where am I 10 years down the line, if I am there at all on this earth or I have left this place already.  Well.. this thought came to me while I am writing this post… suddenly I am interested to know what will happen in the future. There are so many questions which will be answered , some immediate problems which seems to loom large, how they are going to be solved will be definitely a big revelation!!

In spite of my curiosity regarding future, to be honest,  if given a choice to time travel either into the future or back to the past, I will any day chose my past, I would love to travel back and experience all over  again those blissful days which I spent in the lap of love and nature…

What about you??  if given a choice where do you want to time travel to  ..the  past or future???


  1. I guess i have taken long break from visiting your blog and there you go... you seem to be in full form. Happy for you and it is a pleasure to see you succeed. :-)

    Bingo on the thought of time travel. I do not want to see the future. let it unfold one day at a time, while i put all my trust in God. But if given a chance I would to like to go back to one of my summer vacation of my childhood. :-) :-)

    1. Vincy, See that is why we are such good friends, both of us are happy with our past, especially the childhood one.. how I wish we could actually do it...
      thanks a ton for taking out time and reading each of my post and commenting on it, believe me it is truyl valuable to me...
      hugs.. take care

  2. I had an aswesome childhood too and lament that my poor kids will never know such a time. But I am surprising myself a bit when I say I'd rather be in the present. Maybe because the kids are growing up and soon going to leave the nest one at a time and I want to cherish this time with them which will become their childhood memories..