Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reverie (blogmarathon post no. 24)


I kneeled and prayed
My fingers intertwined just like my thought process
And head bowed in reverie
I prayed to the lady in white

The carpeted floor hurt my knee
The candle that I lit on the altar
Stood melting in its own heat
I looked deep into the serene eyes

I walked on my knee from the door
Till the altar, forgetting my pain
And oblivious to the loud prayers around
I was engrossed in the kindness of those eyes

Whether a miracle happened or not
I saw the halo or not
My heart got engrossed
And I reveled in the glory

Of the lord  almighty


  1. This poem is so poignant. written well Rekha style. May your prayers be answered by the white lady and may miracles happen in your life. Love and smiles to you :-)

  2. by the way, this is about Koratty Koratty in Kerala.. have you been there ??

    1. Hey i guessed as much with your Koratty connection. OMG I am so well able to predict it.. Patting myself on my back.

    2. and yes i have been there many times. lot of our cousins' weddings, holy communions have happened there.

  3. Never been to visit Koratty Muthi. But Mother Mary is who I turn to always and forever for solace and courage.
    Beautiful poem. It reflects your heart.

  4. Really I love going to this place for its calm and peace...