Friday, July 29, 2016

The Bengal connection (blogmarathon post no. 26)

In one of my previous post I mentioned that I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of a new novel written by one of my favourite authors.  The book has arrived and I am loving it, I have already reached almost the middle of the book and now let me tell you the name of the book, it is the novel ‘Before we visit the Goddess’ by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.  I just love the way she writes, I have loved most of her books, especially ‘The palace of illusions’, ‘The mistress of spices’, ‘sister of my heart’ etc.  Now another author whom I equally love to read is ‘Jhumpa Lahiri’ , I have read all three books she has written till date.

 Now why I mention both the authors in the same breath is there is one thing common about them and that is the ‘Bengal factor’ and that is exactly what draws me to their stories.  There is a strange Bengal connection that I feel, I love reading stories of Bengal, Bengali back drop, kolkatta, Bengal villages, Bengali food, especially the way it is usually described in the Chitra Banerjee books and many Bengali stories I have read.

I had Bengali neighbours when I was in 5th standard or so and when once in a while they used to call me over for a lunch organized as a feast after some Pooja at their home I would be literally jumping around in excitement.  I just loved the sight of Bengali food, the brinjal round and fried, fish with lots of mustard.. yum.. and the eyes of Bengali beauties another speciality of Bengal…

I do not know what is it that make me love Bengali novels and even serials or movies and food so much,  may be because there is a lot of similarity between Kerala and Bengal.  May be because though I am born and brought up in Delhi there is a part of me which I have left behind in Kerala, may be.. I really do not know.. but the fact remains that I have some strange connection with Bengal and everything Bengali !!!

By the way, I would let you know what is my opinion about this latest book of  Chitra Banerjee… as of now I am just having a great time reading it.. being transported back to Kolkata and then to a small village in Bengal to America and I am loving it …


  1. I did write a comment for this and it seems to have vanished. Anyways..

    I always thought Bengal and Kerala had a lot of stuff in common right from the communist power in both states to the stalwarts in Literature to the subdued colours the older women wore in both states.. and I thought it was natural

  2. Yes the common thread is something which is not to be missed... :)

  3. I am reading from the most recent to first. So seeing this after the next post. Yes Kerala and Bengal has a lot in common. I loved how you have described the connection. Feel similar even through haven't really met many Bengali women even after coming here.. Got to get this book!