Monday, July 18, 2016

The sari pact.... (blogmarathon post no. 17)

Not long ago there was a beautiful pact going on in Face Book called the’100 sari pact’ , I call it beautiful because I love Saris and love seeing beautiful, elegant women adorned in beautiful, elegant saris. The problem is my love for sari is very similar to my love for make up, well let me explain, I buy it, I treasure it and I love seeing people wearing it and I really like gifting beautiful saris to my near and dear ones but I seldom wear it.  I have so many saris piled up in my suitcases and almirah which I have not worn in years, I think the last I wore a sari was in September last year for my cousins wedding, well.. its going to be almost a year…

I wore a sari for the first time in my life for my class X11 farewell, before that like any other girl I had tried on my mother’s sari many times at home but had never worn any in public, this was a classic 'pattu sari' in maroon and bottle green combination, I was showered with compliments on that day, this sari is still present in my treasure trove and I have hardly worn it again. I hardly wore saris to office when I got a job, then when I got married, like any other girl I had a suitcase full of saris and salwar kameez, the saris got out occasionally though the salwar kameez were used regularly. 

When my daughters were born I had the excuse of not wearing it because I was hard pressed for time, because they will cling to me and then I will pick them up and I will not be able manage my sari again if by chance it’s pallu gets undone etc. etc. so for a good number of years I did not wear saris at all except for a marriage function or a temple visit in Kerala where salwar kameez were not allowed.

By the time I realized that it’s been so many years since I had worn my saris a good amount of time had passed and it took me longer to wear a sari and it irritated me to no end  if I did not get it right at the first attempt.   Now nothing of this sort stopped me from shopping for saris for marriages, or just like that but they all languished in my almirah or I would give it away to my mother or my mother in law .

When I saw the ‘100 sari pact’ by some gorgeous ladies who wore the chiffon, the Georgette , the pochampally, the kantha work etc. etc. I was so tempted to wear one myself,  I was really inspired by them, they were all women with careers, children and home to look after but they never gave any excuse and happily took out time to adorn one of the most beautiful attire a woman can ask for and which looks invariably beautiful on every woman , of every colour and age.

I really regret not having worn saris regularly, infact there had been years where I never wore a sari even once a year . Once I finish off the blog marathon successfully I am thinking of taking up the ' sari pact' , I think my beautiful saris deserve it.  

I am linking this with the blog marathon because here I am  challenging myself to do something which I had almost stopped doing, that is blogging ,and now here I am writing a post  almost every single day and on some days even two posts, so I hope to continue challenging my self some more by way of this  'Sari pact'. 

 I am planning to wear a sari at least once every week to  start with, that would amount to wearing sari 4 times a month.   What do you say…do you care to join  in ???


  1. I have a friend who got into this Sari pact and got almost obsessed with it.. No signs of her stopping it any time now.. She has crossed more than 150 sarees. Its a delight to watch her on facebook, mentioning in detail about the saree is itself and the choice and style of blouse and the accessories she chooses to go with it.

    I am a reluctant saree wearer too. I need a lot of preparation before wearing a saree and wouldn't want to get into something like this. Lots of effort.

    That reminds me the latest saree i purchased is a Kalamkari and will be wearing it soon..

    1. How I wish I could get obsessed like her, I have written that I will get into a Sari pact, but seriously now I am wondering how on earth will I manage it, because as you said I also need a lot of preparation for wearing a sari ... hmm.. let us see... I am sure you are going to rock that kalamkari :)

  2. Didn't know about this 'sari pact'. Sounds like fun. I too love wearing a saree. It is such an elegant dress. Wish I could wear it more often..I hope you will fulfill your promise to yourself. How many have you worn so far? It is Onam time and I am so in love with the simple Kerala sarees. I find that Bengal cotton sarees are also beautiful..