Thursday, July 21, 2016

The secret.... (blogmarathon post no. 19)

What is the secret??

Have your read Rhond byrne’s secret?  I too have read it and it seems to have its effect on me in bits and pieces. Me and my friend has experimented with it and we have seen success with it, also realized that  sometimes, somehow it fizzles out in certain situations and then we feel that whatever happened has happened because it was destined to be and the reaffirmations and imaginations are not the cause of it. 

Well... again these thoughts are the result of the conflict which goes on in our mind, conflict of agreeing to the concept of positive thinking and that it really helps and the rational mind saying that it has nothing to do with positive thinking  and these are all outcomes of our actions only.

End of the day I am a believer of positive thinking but like any believer I am sometimes bogged down by doubts but I recover quite fast because somewhere deep down I know that I have no option but to recover fast and be a believer again as it gives a lot of strength to a fatigued mind  to face a new day with renewed vigour and vitality.


  1. Now i have to go hunt for Rhonda Byrne's secret.

  2. Yes.. waiting for your feedback on it :)
    take care

  3. Yes, if we are sad how low can you go? So it is better to pick yourself up and move in the other direction. Curious about Rhonda Byrne now. Google, here I come:-)