Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weekends !! (Blog Marathon Post no. 6)

It’s been many years since I had been working in 5 day week Companies and for me an off on Saturday too means the world.  Saturdays are reserved for the washing, cleaning, shopping etc. which piles up over the entire week.
It gives immense sense of peace to the mind on Friday evenings that now I have two days in my hand to complete many tasks kept pending at home front, I get time to spend with my children, entire two days. Now that my elder daughter is in high school and she has school on Saturdays, I also get to be at home when she comes back from school and have lunch together, believe me it’s a huge thing for me and my children.  
The entire week we are together only till around 6.40 am or so in the morning because by this time both of them leave for their respective schools and both of us, me and my husband also leave home around 8 am, we come back around 8 pm at night, pick up the children from my Mothers place. Once we reach home then there is a rush for completing homework, preparing for the tests , the hustle and bustle for cooking dinner and whoosh! The day is over.
The silver lining of it all is the Saturday and Sundays that shine bright at the end of the week for people like us. I am sure that    for stay at home Moms also the weekends must be special time, what with all the family members present at home or the entire family going out for shopping or picnic or even something as mundane as running an errand becomes special when you do it along with your family, isn’t it?
So how do you spend your weekends, do you also rush through the week like me or you are lucky enough to enjoy each day? What is your take on the weekends?


  1. ditto with me too Rekha. Look forward to the weekend always and on saturday i get this OCD to clean, clear and organise. I just turn into this superwoman with lists and take pride in ticking of my lists. complete family time during weekends.

    Sunday first is church and then again family time. :-)

  2. That is quite an achievement Vincy, making lists and ticking it off, I wish I was as organized as you. Weekends are special time with family that is for sure for all of us, right.
    Thanks a ton for taking out time to drop by.
    take care

  3. it all depends on what you have ss:-) having had 2-day weekends all along, i find that i really need 3-day weekends for that infinite pile of laundry to be done and folded...

  4. You are so right lan, laundry it is for me as well.. it eats up a lion's share of my two day weekenc :(
    take care