Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Challenges... (Blogmarathon post no. 29)

It takes a lot of effort to change, especially when you have  already passed a few decades of your life, but still the time is never too late to take up any challenge and at least try it out before we give it up totally.  Some of the  things which I would like to take up as a challenge are:-

  1. To try and speak only wherever required, especially the urge to speak my mind even if it is going to be detrimental for me in the long run - especially in the professional matters.
  2.  To learn to relax and give a break to my worrier mind, especially when I am on a vacation with my family
  3. To stop doing clock watching for others.  I am a stickler for punctuality and like to reach at least 5 minutes before time, every where, every time and I keep on pressing my husband and kids to do  the same.  Though it’s a good thing to inculcate this habit in kids but in the long run I get quite worked up when they do not watch clock as I do
  4.  There are certain things in life which I want to try desperately but a fear stops me from doing it… well this one is going to be a topic for my next post so I will leave it at that here...

    These are the top priorities and the list, otherwise it is quite a lengthy list. May be in the near future I shall be able to do posts giving out how I succeeded in overcoming these challenges one by one.. till then .. good luck to me.....


  1. Some virtues definitely can take away happiness from your life and yes these that you have listed come under that category. Good luck to you to overcome these and enjoy life as it comes.

  2. thank Vincy.. let me see if this time I succeed or not

  3. you an definitely achieve all of these because you are a thinking person. except for the clock watching these can be on my list too. #4 especially. will be good to see your posts on these so i can have some hope too:-)

  4. lan, how I wish I could do away with the clock watching..seriously..