Monday, August 1, 2016

Let our women shoot them .....

“Let our women shoot Bulandshahr culprits in public: Rape victims’ family”

 By now the nation might be aware of what happened to a family who was travelling from Noida to Bulandshahar.  In front of the male members of the family the woman and her 14 year old daughter was brutalised and gangraped, there were 12 men in that gang.  These words bold, underlined above are the words of the family members of the woman and her daughter.

Now a shiver runs through my spine even before I finish typing these words, I am a woman of almost similar age as that woman and my daughter is exactly 14 years old and there are many instances when me and my family drives down late at night to our home may be after attending a party or a dinner or an ailing relative, or may be coming back after a weekend spent in the neighbourhood of Delhi.  To be honest I have many times avoided such journeys just because I am scared of my husband drving three of us through the deserted and unkind Delhi roads. But when you are with your husband or father or brother there is always a sense of security which binds us, we relax in the car, we sleep, we play games, we eat or we listen to music, I can just imagine how similar they must have felt in the company of their male family members.

It breaks my heart a million times and the pain and empathy I feel for them is beyond words, I do not know what to say, I am so numb, what are we coming to ?  When will we have basic things in life taken care of , safety, safe travel on roads even with our own family members is not possible any more in this country and that too so near to the national capital. I feel ashamed and scarred and totally totally hopeless for the women, old women  and girls and baby girls of this country, who are raped and violated inspite of being 80 year old or 8 months old. Are we even human any more, what has flown out of our upbringing or conscience, what is it that makes these men so cruel and sadistic?

Inspite of such cruelty towards women why the judiciary and executive is sitting on those laws, why Nirbhaya’s rapitsts are still alive, inspite of all the evidence, inspite of so much uproar, so much anger, why all the human rights people wake up only for the hunter and not for the hapless victims.

If people like Aamir khan and wife feel unsafe in this country, what about women like me, my daughter, your daughter who has to go out for work, to get educated, to play, to shop… what should we feel… is there any way we can do something drastic and make these lawmakers sit up and take notice and give justice to the violated women and girls of this country.

I feel so heavy hearted, it makes me want to flee this place along with my two daughters where I will not have to worry about their safety every waking hour, a place where they will be respected for who they are, where they will be treated as a human being and not as sex objects.

My heart goes out with prayer and wishes for strength to the mother and daughter and the entire family, they might never be able to come out this trauma but we can at least console them by punishing their violators, so why not agree to the family's request and let them be shot at by these women, why not I ask, why not? They did not think through before committing this heinous crime, they why should we before punishing them??

Let us set an example, let every man shiver with fear even before he brings about a dirty thought about a woman in his mind, let alone put a finger on her… so please  let us shoot them… 


  1. Allow me to shoot them first.

  2. Vincy, every day when I open the newspaper it is a sinking feeling which envelopes me, I feel so scare for my daughters... I hope things will change soon for the better...
    take care

  3. I didn't know about this. So terrible....
    Change has to start at the top. I hope the people will start electing qualified candidates instead of going for personalities or voting along party lines. I also hope that capable and qualified people will enter politics from a grassroots level....

  4. lan , I wish we had such options when we go for voting, it is very sad that we do not have such options mostly and also in India qualification and politics do not go hand in hand and wherever else you go it is the first question.. what an irony isn't it??