Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The finishing Line....post no. 30

It feels so good to see the finishing line at last. 

This Blog Marathon has been exhilarating, there were days when nothing came to the mind, I stared at the blank screen, but eventually the muse came around and the page was filled, oh yes sometimes only half filled, sometimes quarter and sometimes it did over flow. 

Thank you Swarm for pushing all of us into this…it was worth it.  

The feeling of achievement is great and this time there were so many of us encouraging each other, sometimes giving that much needed nudge and push to each other, I loved the team spirit and hand holding I got from so many of you this time. Thank you Deeps and Vincy  and lan too for dropping by.

I got new blogger friends this time around like Scorpria, Shilpa garg, Anu…. Thank you so much for dropping by and giving your comments..and the pleasure is all mine on meeting you and getting to know you during this  blogathon.  

Looking forward to another Marathon soon !! ;)

Monday, November 28, 2016

for a bit of space .... post no. 29

Don’t walk  tall, don’t  laugh loud,

Use less words, make do with a nod.

No venturing out, adjust inside.

Your desires! better put aside.

No extra food on your plate

And that is not your slate!

Do those dishes, that is your fate.

Learn to cook, food good in taste.

These words are still uttered,

Curses for the girl child are still muttered.

The day even the deepest, darkest nook and corner

Of Bharat illuminates with love for the daughter,

That day we shall revel together……

The victory of many sacrificed souls, we will gather.

Till then, let us push a bit further…

For a bit of space for the little girls,  in the lap of every father…..

An angst post... post no. 28

If you are someone who watches Malayalam movies, you would agree that apart from the good story line and acting abilities on display  from years together in these movies, another very striking feature of some of the Malayalam movies is the dialogue/s which run down women folk entirely.   In some movies even super stars can be caught delivering mouthful of dialogues absolutely uncalled for towards the dignity of women in general. I do not remember the names of the movies but I have literally cringed on my seat hearing such unabashedly male chauvinistic dialogues.

  At the same time, it is really appreciated that the new generation Malayalam movies are brilliant and they can absolutely stand their grounds in front of some of the master pieces of yester years of Malayalam movies and that too sans reeking of Male Chauvinism.  These movies are as realistic as the simple but effective story telling which once was the forte of Malayalam cinema, it is so heartening to see the same realistic approach, though the simplicity is missing, right fully so because simplicity is a rare commodity in Kerala nowadays…

It is ironical that  Kerala matriarchy hardly exists so to say except in some long forgotten tharavdu (reputed ancestral homes) only, otherwise in reality there is no dearth of people who  applaud such dialogues in a movie theater (at least the majority will). At the same time here in North those who would prefix and suffix profanities of Maa, behen in every sentence they speak still spare these atrocities and profanities at least in the movies, but the new generation Bollywood movies are catching up fast in that department.

The intention of this  post is not to rundown any state and its males or to uphold another but it is totally about being humane, about showing women as respectable in movies South or North  and also about doing the same in real life too.  

 You can definitely say that this post is also my reaction, my angst against the kind of male chauvinistic statements made by this  famous Malayalam actor who got married two days ago to his colleague of many years  … my Malayali friends will understand… 

Disclaimer :  This post does not intend to hurt the feelings of any individual, state or society in general…