Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Fifty shades of Grey!! post no. 7

Hey!! dont get excited reading the  post title.  It will be slowly revealed to you as to why this post has this title.. so read on  ;)

Warning :  A long rant ahead......

Sometimes I feel that I am a very good judge of people.. that is,  I can make out who is being real or fake, who is genuinely concerned and who is just making it up.. may be I am able to do so correctly most of the time because of the profession I am in.

I find it easy to deal with people who are straight forward, who you can make out from the facial expressions that he or she is angry or happy or irritated or sullen or whatever.. but what about those who have a sweet demeanor, always, constantly!!  I know there can be people who are genuinely sweet and happy go lucky and seldom get perturbed but can there be people who never ever get ruffled, at all  ??

Tell me, have you come across such people? and  then out of disbelief , when you dig a little deeper you see the same person , there , below the ground, around the same height and weight but with totally different expressions, reactions and game plans, shrewd, cunning, scheming all the time. Really how can a person be so veiled that nothing, not even an iota of his real self ever seeps out, I can not  for the life of me ever do this, like even if I want to , because my face is the mirror of my entire feelings, you can see it on my face, period.  

Well, by any chance If I by try hard and do not show my feelings on the face then you can be sure that it will all tumble out of my mouth sooner or later, mostly sooner.  So when I find myself around such people I find myself confused, I am not able to decide whether I should also try and hide or I should be my self because they take advantage of  the other person being so open and real.

 Mostly this is a difficult task, especially if they happen to interact with you for a good amount of time daily,  well.. no choice .. if I had a choice I would have run and run and would have left the person light years behind.

My face  or yours or any body who is not constantly trying to hide the real emotions can  have fifty expressions at a time, I mean that is why I gave the title 'fifty shades of grey', well we are human beings and most of us are grey not totally black and neither pristine white isn't it ? So we have all the right and it is right to be open about what we feel, mostly isn't it unless and until you are in a situation where you are required to mask it, then it is fair enough.

Give me an option and I will opt for people with shades of grey any day which I can make out on their face and talk to them, find out or discuss about the issues if any,  but no smooth talkers, honeybunches with poison ivy behind that crease less soft, kind face....

What about you???  have you come across such people in your life, any tips on how to handle them, really , I need it badly!!


  1. And I had such hope ss from the title. totally disappointed:-):-) Yes I'd rather deal with honest feelings. Life is much simpler if we live it as honest as we can. Also holding a grudge and unhappiness inside takes a toll. Better to let it all out but with caution so it won't cause anyone harm. This has helped me greatly to have peace in life stressful as it is...

    1. ha ha .. lan the title.. I know...

      yes as you rightly said 'Life is simpler if we live it as honest as we can'

  2. The world is made up of all kinds of people and hence we have to deal with all of them for our own sake. Do we have a choice?

    As long as we can categorize people and put them in the right groups, we should be able to handle them. The most difficult part is in identifying the right groups. Until all hell breaks loose, and only when the tsunami is over, we would get to know about the smooth talkers, and by then the damages are done. arent they?

    1. you are so right Vincy.. by the time Tsunami is over the deed is done :(