Thursday, November 24, 2016

How do you do it ?? post no. 25

To feed children green vegetables is equivalent to an arduous task. But then Mothers always find short cuts to feed it without letting them know that they are actually eating green vegetables. Like both my daughters will not touch capsicum, beet root, saag, beans etc. so what do I do?, I grate these vegetables nicely and then make a really good looking, mildly spicy , tasty pulav (pulav is one of their favourite dish ) and they just polish off the entire thing from their plate and even take second helpings.  Guess who ends up  happy and smiling that secret vamp smile !!


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I am sure in most of the houses , the Mothers must  be having some trick or two up their sleeves to make the children eat their greens ,  unless and until they are blessed with kids who have it without any pushes and pleas.  Sometime we have to even shout at them to make them eat these but it does not always work like that isn’t it ?? so we need to know certain ways and means to make them eat it and also make sure that they are not aware of  the same so that the entire effort does not go waste.  Tell me how do you do it?? so that I can add a few more tricks and tips in my green revolution :)  !!


  1. Oh Rekha! I totally hear you. It's no less a battle here when it comes to feeding greens to Namnam. Though lately we have started offering her a few dirhams for her money bank as bribe..err..incentive! Desperate times call for desperate measures kya karein :P

  2. It is challenging to make kids eat healthy stuff. Fortunately for us, husband made 2 rules for our son which we follow too.
    Rule 1 : Eat whatever is cooked at home.
    Rule 2 : Finish whatever is in the plate.
    So our son got into the habit of eating everything. He eats karela too. Of course, there are some vegetables he does not like, but eats it still.

    1. that's wonderful...I wish we had done something like this too...

  3. We had two routes. Sometimes mom/day came up with a funky name which made it "special" for us or created a 'character' out of it. This was when we were reallllly young - below 8 or so.
    After that, if we'd say we don't like something, for the next 2 weeks, that's what we'd get for b/f, lunch and dinner :D The brother and I automatically learnt to never say "no" to food after 2 such instances :P :P :P

  4. For me, this stage looks so long back.. Nevertheless, I used to make my sonny boy invent names for dishes and just because he had named it he used to gobble it up. for example, he called the capsicum stir fry "jumbled' and used to eat it. And you know show the cartoon character and what they eat and get them to eat - like popeye eating spinach and getting stronger. when he grew up a little bigger i used to employ your techique of making sure he does not recognise the ingredients in his favorite dishes like pulav, biriyani, noodles or soups. Soups were the best coz i mash up the veggies and make a base and add the ingredient he loves the most. by and large he was okay with food i guess then. It is now i have issues - no strategy works. a No is a No.

  5. First of all Hugs to you Vincy, you are such a gem of a friend, you took all the pain and read every post and commented on it.. what can I you for the encouragement... next time we are on this together..hugs take care
    by the way I am going to steal your soup idea!!