Sunday, November 13, 2016

If I were having coffee with you ... post no. 13

So by some strange coincidence my second post is also going to be having lot of coffee in it… so thank you Shilpa and Deeps from whom I am borrowing this idea. 

1)      So if I were having coffee with you today I would tell you how this weekend we ventured out to my maasi’s house after a long time, her house is adjacent to a very famous market in South Delhi but due to the latest money problem that is going on, we actually did not go for shopping and it is a first in so many years…

2)      Also I would  have told you about the strange soothing feeling that comes over me when I go visiting her, may be because I am on a break from my daily chores and routine, may be because she lives in a place where I had spent my growing up years, also because  this is the most familiar and comfortable place for me in Delhi, anytime.

3)      I would also tell you how I missed my grandmother when I was there, though I did not talk about it to anybody, off and on a pang of sorrow just cut me through especially because I could not really take my eyes off her brand new framed photograph from which she looks at us kindly with her charming smile.

4)      I would also tell you that I went to the nearby temple which I used to visit often when I used to stay very close by to that temple, in fact on the day of my marriage I visited the temple at 4.30 am to get blessed by favourite deity on the most important day of my life…

5)      Well then I would suddenly realise that I had been going all emotional with these talks and so to make the talks a bit lighter I would tell you about the latest jokes on whatsapp about Mr. Modi’s surgical strike on money matters !!

So  after this wonderful coffee session, see  you  in a short while  with today’s post… sigh!!


  1. coffee is good medicine but i have none to offer on #3 as only time can heal that....

  2. Almost as if I had coffee with you and listened to all your stories. :-)

    Definitely an idea worth stealing... he he he

    1. ha ha.. this is a stolen idea.. please join the gang..