Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Just a post ! post no. 23

 Image result for thinking hard cartoonThe way this marathon is going I think once this is over I shall not be coming here for long.  This is so because I cannot for the life of me think of anything to write, I tried everything from reading other blogs to going to the blog prompt sites, to going back and reading my own posts to get some clues !! Phew… no respite from the barren land of my mind where I cannot find even a tiny sprout of greenery in the form of any idea for a new post.

So I am going to generally rant and sulk here today… I wish I could write a poem, or I could write about the rudeness of certain people.  May be I could write about humility…which is a virtue which is fast disappearing but then I read somewhere that one should avoid writing negative things in your blog… is it so ?   I thought otherwise, no not that I want my blog to be a negative space but because I think this is one place where the blogger tends to vent out, rant and generally try to shake off the negativity that surrounds him or her, so he/she pours out his or her heart on those pages and it can be negative or positive or whatever but that is the beauty of a blog.  What do you think??

So I am going to conclude my post here without going on and on about it.  I am quite aware that the length of my posts are reducing by the day and I might soon end up doing one liners!!


  1. I have seen a lot of rant posts, but the comments are always spreading positivity ;) so go ahead and get it out of your system!

  2. Dont worry, some days are like this only. The muse just goes on a vacation. But you did well without her too! :)

  3. Hey Rekha this is your space and you can go on and rant and rave as much as you want.

    BTW, just remember you are being an inspiration for inconsistent bloggers like me, so no giving up or no abandoning this space.

  4. hey thanks Vincy.. it is friends like you who give all the encouragement...