Sunday, November 20, 2016

Let us keep going ... post no. 21

Phew....21  and counting, it is becoming difficult by the day to keep running this marathon.. but I like the daily challenge it puts in front of me, I like going through the posts of so many of us who are in this together, I like the way our minds work at the same goal but in different ways.  

 Image result for team

I like the myriad of posts , the variety of flavours in each of these posts, some funny, some serious, some profound... but everyone marching on to achieve the same objective.  It is so true that a task becomes more interesting and challenging when it has a target to achieve and an objective to meet. Also, when it has so many interesting people to walk along with you and support you through it all.... 

Hey, we are almost there.....!!


  1. It's wonderful that you have written daily since the last 21 days. I have missed 2-3 days. Hope to catch up soon!

  2. I really wish i read your posts everyday and commented on it everyday rather than do this marathon commenting. It would have been fun for both for us.

    1. Hey you are doing this at a stretch.. which is like soooo...sweeeet...