Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Let us not lose heart... post no. 10

These words are from someone who just missed the most power position in the world by a whisker.. It is unbelievable that Hillary has lost the election.. I watched her speech after the election and she was the epitome of grace and self restraint. 

 I am not an American, I have never been to America, I hardly have anything to do with that place but I really really wanted Hillary to win because if not America then who else should be having a women president? She would have been the first women President of America in 240 years… so whatever happened to the America of our dreams, the perfect paradise where every one wants to go, where women can wear anything and do anything and live as she pleases, but Americans could not bring unto themselves a women president and what did they choose.. unbelievable..!!!

I was talking to my friend in US who is settled there for the last 20 years and she told me that if Trump wins they shall be relocating to India.. yes someone who lived in a country as it’s citizen for so many years is ready to relocate back to India… such is the terror of Trump..

But this post is not about Trump.. this is about Hillary who did not become the President but who will remain etched in the heart of millions of women across the world as a symbol of hope, had she bagged it, she would have crashed one of the biggest glass ceiling in the world, it would have been shattered into thousand pieces, which could have looked like stars of aspiration to all women out there who would have believed in themselves a bit more…

Then as Hillary rightly puts it is not the end of the dreams and hard work, especially when she gives out the message to the little girls who are watching her to dream big and then work for it… do not lose heart….yes do not lose heart..

At the same time I am equally proud of my country, however conservative we are, here we have had powerful women leaders like Rani Laxim bai, Sarojini Naidu and not to forget our first women Prime Minister, the most powerful Indira Gandhi and aslo as first Lady President, Pratibha Patil, way to go girls….way to go India…


  1. "it would have been shattered into thousand pieces, which could have looked like stars of aspiration to all women out there who would have believed in themselves a bit more…"

    That's a really beautiful picture you painted!

    I never followed the campaign this time like I did when Obama ran first -- so I don't know much about Hillary's speeches.

  2. Thanks dear, I know it was a different story when Obama ran for the presidency.

  3. there it is. my friends and i have been in agony over this. still not yet ready to talk. it is a travesty that the most qualified person by a long mile for this position has just lost it with no sense or reason... historic popular vote lead of over 2 million votes and yet the presidency is not hers. when o when will this otherwise great nation will see the light?

  4. Hillary has been so graceful in accepting defeat. and sending the right messages to the little girls and women there.

    I have come to a conclusion that here is a country which is so hypocritical in their approach to women and diversity. I am not able to believe that this country could not elect a women president in more than two centuries and women there are still tying to break a real glass ceiling.