Sunday, November 27, 2016

Library musings... post no. 27

Long long back  I was a  member of Delhi Public Library near my house and every evening I would go to this library all eager and excited to meet my new friends that day…. By new friends I mean the books that I would be issuing that day or those  books about which I would be able to know about and see and know that such authors and books also existed. Mostly I would just go and ruffle through the books sections that I want to read or just get 2 or 3 books issued and almost run back home to read, but sometimes when I stumbled on some treasure trove I would just grab a chair in the library and start reading then and their itself.

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Then when I was in college I used to spend quite a good amount of time in Library because some of the books were too expensive for me to buy so I would sit there and take notes or get it photo copied or get it issued and re issued till the time I need it.  Even when I used to go to the Library near my house or when I used to frequent my college library I was very envious of the Librarians because I thought that they were so fortunate to be near books all day, so many books and they can read so much, may be the entire Library as they sit there the whole day… well such was the craze for reading…

Till a few months back I was member of an online Library in Delhi, they used to deliver books at my office and then I could read those and call them to pick it up by the end of the month, it was a good arrangement, only problem was that in my 1.5 years of membership period I could not lay my hands on those book which I had booked/ requested to be read at the beginning of my membership because some members never returned it… so finally I had no option but to discontinue it.   But me and reading has a long term relationship we might not talk to each other for some time but we are sure to catch up sooner or later and so is my relationship with libraries also, online or offline I love Libraries too with their unlimited choices to read from ….